Friday, 21 March 2008

Hail all

It's 3am and I am woken by the wind and rain. It takes me an hour of tossing and turning, of hugging my pillows to me as I think about my Romeo wishing he was here to marvel at the storm, to hold me in his strong safe arms protecting me from the elements.

Now it is around 8am and I am awake again, no work today as it is a bank holiday. My back hurts as it has done often recently. I need to get a new bed, but that will have to wait until I can afford it. I check my emails etc, I don't go downstairs as there are 3 twelve yr old boys sleeping in the lounge. I have checked that ET has gone out to do his paper round and have roused DC to remind him he still has work today. After a while listening to the rain lashing against the window and the wind howling at everything in sight I turn on my radio then climb back into bed. The first song I hear is - A woman in love - perhaps this is true, but how can I be in love with someone I have never met in person.

I am thinking about my Romeo, about how it will feel to have his fingers touching my body. I begin to quiver with excitement. I can barely contain myself. If ever I needed the touch of a man it is now. But not just any man it has to be this man. This man who I so much want to meet, I want to see his smile as he talks, I want to touch his face and trace the line of his jaw. I want to breathe in his scent. I want to run my fingers through his soft brown mane of hair. I want to run my fingers across his chest making my way south as his fingers caress me with his own gentle touch. I want to taste his lips as they cover mine in that first passionate kiss. I feel the heat rising in my groin, I feel this desire for this man who has captured my heart so easily. I allow my fingers to explore that damp place I have been trying to ignore recently. I feel as though I am betraying this man by not waiting for his touch. But I comfort myself with the idea that I am merely using my own fingers in the way that I want his to do, I pretend to myself that I am following his instructions, that I am giving him this pleasure. I come oh so quickly, my breathing rapid for a moment steadys back to normal and my face is covered in the biggest smile.

I drift off into a pleasant dream, one in which I receive a phone call asking if I am alright.

'I am fine, just missing you'

But in my dream it is not my Romeo who is calling me and I feel a fool. I wake again, the curtains are billowing in the stiff breeze as the wind continues to howl its protest. The splatter of rain on my window becomes the rattle of hail against the glass, my curtains straining now to escape the restriction of the curtain pole, the fierce wind bites my face the hail is stinging my skin and my picture of my lovely Romeo is covered in pieces of ice. Yes my window has never been repaired and still won't close, which is fine except on days like this. I wonder how many other people are assaulted by a face full of hail whilst they are still in bed!


Vi said...

Um, yep, you are the only person I know to get hailed upon while in bed! Saying that, I was talking to a guy tonight who passed out on the ground and was woken up covered in snow!

Get rid of the base, and sleep on the mattress until you can get a new bed if that helps your back.

Lady in red said...

lol now why didn't I think of that especially knowing that you have yours on the floor. I think the matress is the problem though

Casdok said...

Not many!!! :)

Emma said...

Thankfully no! and I am sorry you had too, try the mattress thing too and at least you will be further away from the window..xx

Anonymous said...