Saturday, 29 March 2008

Mr Squirrel

Today I visited my mum

from her window I watched this little fellow

he kept slipping down the pole
but he was hanging on for dear life
eventually he managed to get some nuts
success at last and it had stopped raining for a few minutes


Dazzed and Confused said...

Determination and success hmmm!

Great view.

Mel said...

Perseverence pays off!

Ah, the things we can learn from the squirrel!

How fun it must have been to watch.

Rhea said...

Squirrels are hilarious sometimes. We have a "squirrel-proof" bird feeder, what a joke, the squirrel climbs and hangs from it upside down, managed to get it to swing wildly from side to side, thereby shaking out tons of birdseed onto the ground, where he then goes down to eat it. Crazy.

Have you seen those neat squirrel feeders that make the squirrels do acrobatics to get to their food? I want one...

Ron said...

Evening Dear Lady!

YES!!! SUCCESS! He nabbed a peanut! Aren't they clever little things?? That's why I love them so much.

Oh my God!!!!! How FABULOUS!!! And how wonderful you were able to capture this moment on film! KNOW how INSANE I am for squirrels, so this post means a lot to me!!!

Hey....he looks like he has a VERY long tail! The squirrels here seem to have these tails that look like a small bottle washer.

Thanks ever SO MUCH for this post, dear made my heart smile!

And you GO, Mr. Squirrel!!!

Palm Springs Savant said...

wonderful photos. I've always enjoyed watching squirels, they are mesmerizing at times.

nice blog btw, first time visitor. stop by and say hi sometime.

Percy said...

squirrels... damn pesky things... I call them tree rats....
anyway nice pics and a nice garden... looks like a nice place to relax in...

katy said...

well done mr squirrel, and well done you for managing to film it, loved it

Lady in red said...

mulder you woke up then lol
with a little determination you will soon have your blog going along nicely lmao

sorry about the ass kicking but someone had to do it.

hi Mel I did enjoy watching him.

Rhea welcome to my humble space at least they don't shake wet mud all over you

Ron I must have been having a good day for my goldfish memory to recollect your love of all things squirrel. I am sure you would have enjoyed watching him hanging on for dear life with his little legs slipping down, having to pull himself back up looked like hard work

Lady in red said...

Pss welcome I shall have a mosey over to yours in a mo, thanks for the comment

Percy they are tree rats here too and are really vermin but they are just fascinating to watch though you probably dont think they have enough curves

Katy they are not as good as the lovely pitures of your trip.
you make me wish I had been there too

Vi's Biggest Fan!!! said...

HAHAHAHAHHA I LOVE THIS! This is so adorable!!!

Hello My Lady! :-) Just caught up on all your posts! (It's good to be back!) These pictures are adorable, I thought these things only happened in the movies! :-P

Good to hear things are going well with Romeo too! I loved the 'teasing' post! :-) xx

Casdok said...

I love your mums garden!

nitebyrd said...

The garden is beautiful! I love to watch the squirrels, too. Hope you had a good visit with your mum!

somebody said...