Monday, 17 March 2008

My Romeo

He's back, he's back, he's back, he's back, he's back

with his black and white cat

ooooppss not really ''giggles''

My Romeo is back in Europe (still not in UK)

He text me this morning whilst I was at work (several times)

he has missed me, but where he was ''nothing works''

Ok I know there are cynics out there thinking 'here we go again......she's been taken in again by some guy with lame excuses'

I don't care what anyone thinks, maybe I am being gullible, maybe his tales of being in places where there is only a very poor internet connection and no mobile signal are just that. Maybe he is stringing me a line. A very small part of me is keeping a wary eye out for this. I am not 100% naive even if I am 99%. But for the moment he makes me happy and in my book that counts for a hell of lot. I would far rather feel happy, then have my hopes dashed to the ground yet again,
than to not have this happines in the first place.

There has to be the occasinal good guy out there and how will I find one unless I learn to trust. Not every man out there is a complete prat......(I could use worse words but they don't come easily for me) so why should I tar every single man with the same brush just because some have let me down badly. If Romeo turns out not to be the man I believe him to be then I shall just move on. But for now I am happy so please don't rain on my parade.


Wild Cat said...

Enjoy and be happy :o)


Vi said...

Hey, you know I wouldn't rain on your parade! I'm sure some people think the same about Chief!

There are people out there who REALLY can't contact us when they want to.

YAY you heard from him!

Vi's Biggest Fan!!! said...

YAY!!!!!!!! Good for you!! You deserve to be happy! :-) xx

Emma said...

Hey babe I wouldn't dream of raining on your parade, you deserve all the happiness in the world and he is giving you that at the moment and that's good enough for me...xx

Lady in red said...

the funny thing is that its mostly the guys who keep telling me to be careful and saying its all a scam. either that or they are pouting because it isn't them that I am feeling this way about.

RONJAZZ said...

All that matters -- ALL that matters -- is that your eyes are open and you are feeling good. You're a smart woman. Enjoy yourself when it cums!

Waynecoff said...

nice news honey, pleased for you,
ps, the post I done the other was not about you honey, you are lovely, and you remember that, x

Lady in red said...

Lol at Wayne I never thought it was me I was joking

katy said...

go and enjoy have lots of fun you deserve it x

Lady in red said...

Wild Cat thank you I just wish you could be happy too.....but you will be one day

Vi I know you wouldn't and I totally understand where you are at with Chief

Lady in red said...

vbf thanks you are a sweetie

emma yes he is making me happy but I would be even happier if here were back home so we could spend some time together.

Lady in red said...

ron yes my eyes are open even if i am wearing rose tinted glasses. I certainly intend to enjoy myself.

hugs to you my friend

Katy I sincerely believe that I deserve this happiness so I won't be going down the old road of believing I am not good enough

nitebyrd said...

Go for it, Lady. Follow your heart and enjoy what you have. You're right, not every guy is an idiot.

Lady in red said...

nitebyrd I really hope that this time I ahve found a good one. My heart feels that I have, but then my heart has been wrong before.

somebody said...