Saturday, 23 February 2008

a saturday in the life of a contented woman

10.20pm and I'm walking to the garage to get some gas and electricity. As I cross the railway bridge there are strange snapping sounds coming from the trees along the side of the track. Being only short the bridge is too high for me to see who is down there. I am not really sure if I want to see, it might be rail track workers but then again it might not. As I am walking I am exchanging text messages with Harvey, he is suprised I still have his number, I am wondering why as he still has mine. It isn't that long since I saw him and we have chatted on and off since then. We have been chatting online, he has been trying to persuade me to go to his place and make him a coffee. He will even come over and fetch me as I have been on the red wine again.

Anyway as I reach the end of the bridge I see a few sparks shoot into the sky, with relief I realise that it is a bonfire in the back garden of the bungalow beside the track. I am not sure that I would like to live quite as close to the track as these people do. Across town the track runs along the bottom of my mother's garden but there is at least the length of the garden between house and track, here it is just a garden path between side wall and embankment.

I continue along to the garage on my mission. Into the welcoming bright lights of the shop. The duty manager is a lad from down the road, I have known him since he was about 13. He tells me that the reason the lights on the forecourt are not on properly is the power cut we just had. Ah so now I know it wasn't just us then. It has happened twice once about 5pm and then again at 10pm. everything just flashed of and on again. Ok well not everything, for once my alarm clock/radio wasn't affected. The computer downstairs went off then straight back on but mine went off and on but the monitor wouldn't come back on. I had to switch it off at the mains then reboot.

So I get my gas and electricity keys charged up and toddle off back home. I tell harvey that I am back online, he isn't. so here I am writing this instead of chatting to him. It also keeps my mind off the fact there have been no text today after the lovely ones I got yesterday. I am not worried I know there are business meetings to attend in Belgium and then Berlin. I am not priority when he is working but at least he has warned me that there will be these silences and I am not to worry, it doesn't mean he isn't thinking about me.

This morning while OJ, JA and B were at snooker (OJ won the runner up's trophy yet again) mother came round for coffee and a chat but also to give me some money. It is not often that my mother visits me it is usually the other way around. Watching her crawl up the stairs to the bathroom reminded us both why. Even though it is now 13 months since her knee replacement operation she still isn't walking properly. It now appears that the reason for this is that her knee is fine now but her leg muscles are not strong enough to support her, due to the odd way she had been walking for the past 10+ years. Dragging her foot has been the only outward sign that she has MS.

Late afternoon when I have taken B home JA came shopping with me. I should have just used a bit of the money o get a fwe things to tide us over for a few days. But no with the money in my pocket and ther unexpected promise of £40 from Dan and more on monday we went a little mad. instead of my usual small trolley (stops me buying too much) we had a normal trolley and nearly filled it. OOOps bad move. How embarrasssing with a queue of people waiting behind us to have to put £30 worth back as I didn't have enough cash on me. That will teach me to try to replenish all my basics in one go. As we were driving home the first song I heard on the radio was 'My first, my last, my everything' which of course made me smile and think about my texts.

When we get home with our purchases it occurs to me that Dan ahs not given me the promised £40 and we have £1 of electricity left in the meter and no gas, good thing it is mild tonight. I could have gone to Harvey's it would have been warm there (too warm probably as it was when I was there before). But I told him that I am behaving myself. It would have been so easy to go there, but I don't want to mess things up for myself.

That reminds me that when I was online this afternoon I was chatting to Hector, I gave him the link so he could read what I had written about him. He said he couldn't agrue with anything I had written, he was flattered to have a whole post written all about him. Just before this I had decided to talk to 'Aunty', I checked to see if she was there but she wasn't, I was a little concerned as I have not seen her the last few times I have looked. So I chose to speak to Lena instead. (I have spoken to her a couple of times before but didn't believe her although she was later proven right.) Everything she told me was good, I have to be patient though and wait until march!! March thats ages away isn't it, I don't know if I can wait a whole week.

After I had hung up I was just about to turn the computer off when I noticed that Aunty was there after all. So I rang her up quickly too. Yes I know a waste of valuable money, but I have not spoken to her in a while and I get paid on friday which is in time to sort out my phone bill, and my mobile bill was half what it normally is. I didn't tell her I had spoken to Lena, but she confirmed everything that Lena had said. She was very excited and pleased for me. But she was puzzled by one thing. she said that when she tuned into him she could only see pictures of me not him. (He has seen pictures of me but I have not seen his) I have not even asked. It is enough to know that we connect on other levels.