Friday, 15 February 2008


A fellow blogger asked me the other day if I get less hits on my blog now since I have not been blogging about sex. I am not sure that, that is strictly the case. I do sometimes blog about sex although not to the same degree as I used to do.

Yes there are probably people who read me less if at all now because I don't mention sex quite as much these days. I do have a stat counter as you can see and yes I do sometimes check to see who has been reading and what they have been reading but in all honesty I have not bothered for ages.

My guess is that for most people who have stopped reading or do so less often it isn't the lack of sexual content but the lack of posting anything at all. where I had been posting at least once a day for so long I now go days without posting, I have also been very remiss in my reading and commenting on other blogs for a few months. I have made myself a vow that I shall get back to doing this.

Talking of my blogging friends I have been invited to a party by my blog friend Prada Pixie, you may recall that I met her at the xmas party that ended up with just 4 of us there. She is having another party but has now postponed it for a few weeks as she has found a new blogger playmate who she has an opportunity to spend that weekend with. Last night I text him to congratulate him on finding himself such a great woman. his reply.......well ur 2 blame
it's nice to know that two of my single friends have found each other and if that was through me then I am even more pleased.

As everyone must know......there was no getting away from it, yesterday was St Valentines day. How many cards did I get? many bunches of flowers none.......any kisses ? none.........taken out for a nice meal? no anything nice for me on this day no. Last year I was with N who bought me flowers

a necklace which I actually wore at work yesterday,

a lovely card

and a bottle of champagne, glasses etc in an ice bucket.

But I already knew our relatioship wasn't working. I was trying to figure how to get out of it without hurting him the way he had previously hurt me. This year the highlight of my day was unblocking the toilet. Which day would I have preferred to have? ..................I was in a much better space this year than last.

Two of my sons tried to celebrate Valentine's with their girlfriends. ET had spent money he (and I as I had lent him some extra money)could not really afford on his girlfriend of 10 days. After work I had to drive him to her house where he was spending the evening (half hour drive in rush hour). She dumped him last night as she is not ready for a relationship (this was after I had lectured him about not spending too much time on her or any other girl in the next few months until he has finished his GCSE's)

DC has been with his g/f nearly 4 years. He has virtually no money (nothing new there) so he bought fresh strawberries some chocolate which he melted and dipped the strawberries into then wrote on them with icing to form the words I love you. I did take a photo but not uploaded it yet.

Oh and if you came here to read about sex I shall be writing something for you over the next couple of days


katy said...

snap, i got exactly the same as you for Valentine's Day!
glad you are in a bette place this year. Sorry ET is learning the hard way, and what a day to dump someone, not nice at all.
the strawberries and choc gift is so sweet

JsTzznU said...

not to worry, I'm sure I'm not the only one who reads you whether or not you write about sex. Not saying I don't enjoy that though =)

Jungle VIP said...

This blog gets better and better


Pixie said...

Yep without doubt you are to blame....LOL remind me to give you a bloody enormous hug when I see you, cause I'm having a lovely lovely time.

having my cake said...

I think any change in readership is probably more to do with the unavoidable break when your computer was down. I know I got out of the habit of clicking on you but Im back now and enjoy reading whatever you write about.

nitebyrd said...

My X gave me a card, "To My Special Friend ..." I nearly peed myself laughing!

Lady, no matter what you're writing about, I'm going to be reading. I may be banned from the "Sex Blogging Club" but there are more things in life than sex! (Not many, but some.)

somebody said...