Tuesday, 5 February 2008

you heard it here first

the last fwe times I have had ET in my car he has insisted on playing one of his CD's. Now as a general rule I don't like his music. To me it is mostly screaming noise that you can't make any sense out of. Bu he has taken to playing a particular track that he knew I would like. He was playing this the other day. I have heard it several times now and even begun to sing along to it. Having asked him who it was he tells me it is a young man not very widely known. he found him on myspace.

I have just done a search and found his myspace site. I don't belong to it so wasn't able to download this lovely track. but if anyone is interested, I have a feeling that JVIP will be, here is the link I found.

So if you hear this song 'We could be in love' by Andrew Landon, just remember I told you about him first. ET tells me that he is very young well I was surprised as I thought he has a mature voice.

check him out and see what you think


Jungle VIP said...

I would be interested. No link though?


nitebyrd said...

I love finding new music! I've picked up several unknowns on MySpace. Thank you, Lady!

Lady in red said...

My son and his band are on myspace too. I have been forbidden to join myspace as all my kids have profiles on there it just wouldn't be cool if any of their friends found me. lmao
the eldest son of one of my friends found me on face book last week though.

Miss Understood said...

He has a lovely voice. Great song, too. I can't believe how many friends these Myspace people have, lol.

somebody said...