Wednesday, 20 February 2008

what a waste

monday 18th february booked one day's leave from work

Car in for MOT

Heating engineer coming in morning to service boiler.

Normally on a day off I would have a lie in.

well I managed to lie in until 7.15am which was a bit of a lie in as normally I would be up at 5.45 for work. dressed and drinking tea as I run around clearing up the mess in the living room from boys sleeping downstairs to watch wrestling. JA has a friend sleeping over. room cleared and vacuumed by 8.30am. settle down for some weetabix in front of my computer. chatting away to a couple of guys I hadn't talked to before. why are there so many men not at work on a monday morning. start writing a new post for my blog describing a hot session with a couple of vibrators.

Around 10.30 my mechanic rings to tell me that my car failed MOT on emmissions. He has fixed it, just needed a sensor cleaning and some fuel cleaner. Total cost £80 which must be about the best MOT I have had done, but its still money I can ill afford. I can't go to collect my car as I am waiting for the heating engineer. Soon the boys have woken up and start playing the playstation 2. I am starting to get irritated now, when will he arrive? 1pm I phone the contractors to find out when he will be here.

To my shock I discover that he has been already, he shoved a piece of paper in the letter box with the time 9.45am on it. I am well pissed off now. I have sat here since 7.30 without any noise, no tv or radio no kids, livingroom door ajar so I will hear anyone who knocks. I bloody missed him.............why the fuck didnt he ring the works we checked.

I am sooooo pissed off.........that was a waste of a valuable day off. I got my MOT done but I didn't need to take the day off for that. I could have got a lift to work with Posh Bird. Now the engineer is coming back on friday and I wont be here. I told them I cannot afford to take another day off. But thats alright I can leave one of my son's in charge as they just require that there is someone over 16 here.

as for my was taking a long time to write as I kept getting interrupted, my blogger was playing up and I kept finding one or other of my sons looking over my shoulder so I had to keep hiding my work until they had gone. Added to that I had to go out twice. Finally I was ready, but I just could not get blogger to publish. I got it to go to preview but then blogger crashed and lost it all.

Oh and Hector is beating me at scrabble


Pixie said...

Oh I so sympathise. Friday morning workman supposed to come between 8-1pm. So I pace the floor, clean the kitchen, faff about not doing the normal Friday things. I phone them up at 1.05 as I'm supposed to be somwhere else at 1.15. They turn up 1.15!! Do thye think we've nothing better to do than loose money for them. I'm self employed, no work, no dosh. GGGGRRRR!

nitebyrd said...

Apparently repairmen are the same no matter what continent they are on!

Vi said...

lol, sounds like your posts take as long to write as mine!

Emma said...

Bloody workmen, how often does that happen...arghh.....xx

Lady in red said...

Pixie it would have been bad enough if he had not come but to have come but not make me hear him, I did everything I could to make sure I would hear him. I am now going to put a poster on my door pointing out where the door bell is. It works, it rings in the sitting room, I can hear it from the kitchen which is probably where I was when he knocked.

Lady in red said...


so it would seem, very annoying arent they?

Lady in red said...

Vi some posts I can rattle off in just a few minutes but others take hours mostly down to interuptins than anything else. If I am on this computer I write it on word then copy and paste but I cant do that on the other computer, which I purposefully ised as I wanted to hear the bloddy heating engineer when he arrived grrrrrrrrr.

Lady in red said...

Emma too often I am afraid....It is't the first time they have done this to us.

Fat Controller said...

Painters, electricians, satellite tv installers...Don't get me started!

somebody said...