Friday, 15 February 2008

getting motivated

I have been meaning to say for a few days now that it has been lovely this last week to not only drive to work in the almost daylight but it is also not quite dark by the time I get home at the end of the day. On wednesday I left work on time for a change (I nearly always end up working most if not all the half hour I am meant to miss as I only take a half hour for lunch). Anyway as I was saying I left work at 4.30pm as I am meant to do every day as it was ET's parent's evening. The sun hadn't set and the sky was beautiful with thepale blue tinged with pink in the west. As I drove along the motorway the chalk cliffs on my right were washed with pink too which was a wonderful and cheering sight. when I finally reached my town I noticed that a couple of the trees in one road were already heavy with floating white blossoms. The daffodils in my garden are beginning to open and the glorious sun we have been blessed with this week makes me realise that spring is just around the corner.

Those of you who read Vi will already know about the blog book which some of our fellow bloggers have been working on. This book is to be a collection of stories by bloggers about their lives and all profits are going to charity namely War Child. I have said that I would submit a story for this book, however I have as yet to decide which event/period of my life to write about I have only until 29th february to get my story in. does anyone have any suggestions given what you know about me.

I have been promising myself that I shall get myself back into my studying. For those of you who are not aware of this I began a course in IT skills for commerce last year. I began well but then became poorly and din't have the energy or the inclination to study much. ten I began working again which cut down the amount of time I had to use the computer as this meant I now had to share my time with the boys. Internet and various other pc related problems over the months didn't help. Now I am working full time I find I am too tired for anything serious. But now the days are getting longer and I am feeling more awake I have given myself a proverbial kick up the ass to get on with this course especially as I am still paying for it and it isn't cheap. So over the last week or so I have been rereading my latest chapter reading for submitting my next Tutor Marked Assignment. finally I have managed to get onto the Student Website.......I could never get my password to work before but my new one I requested is fine.

the other evening I was having a chat on msn with Hector. The conversation got around to growing up or not.

I hope this doesn't mean I shall start to grow up

nooooo but depends what ya want to

nah I don't think I'll bother

growing up hahaha

no don't wanna do that

no be silly and daft and girly

do you think I can manage that?

ya not far off ya like being a tomboy but deep down your really a girly and sweet just not given the right attention at times but yer def daft and silly :-)

I like that description.........I think he has got me to a T


having my cake said...

I look forward to reading whatever it is that you decide to contribute x

BBC said...

Vi writes entertaining posts that amuses her readers.

But she doesn't seem to see that she is a drunk that is writing about all the stupid things she and her friends do, showing us how stupid they all are.

Even though they think they are all smart. But how many of them own their own homes? They can't afford to own homes because they are to busy pissing away their money away in the pubs.

Oh well, some people are just on this planet to be examples and entertain the rest of us.

They damn sure don't want my advice because I was asked to not comment on her blog anymore.

And I of course will honor the barstool queens request. :-)

Vi said...

Lady - thanks for pimping the blog book, I'm looking forward to reading your submission.

BBC - Oh how childish are you? Slating me off on my friends blog? Little do you know, Lady has met me, a couple of times, and knows I don't live in a hovel, that I actually live in a very upmarket town. You truly are a bitter twisted old twat. Get a fucking life.

RONJAZZ said...

Lady...Don't even worry about this man. He's one of those folks that has come to a point in life where all he seems to share with others is the bitter sound of his own voice...Maybe I can get him to come to MY blog. At least then he will leave you ladies alone.

Pixie said...

BBC is a misogynist who likes to claim he loves women. I just think he's a sad sod with no life. He sets his sights on a victim and has a go till he finds another.
If he doesn't like what we write, or who we are, he actually has an off button on his computer I suggest he uses it.
The women he picks on are feisty ones that probably would terrify him in real life. But he uses the safety of blogging to tell us the error of our ways... Right, as if we need him to tell us.... Mr Sanctimonious.
Sorry for rant. But I had enough of him on my site a few weeks ago.

Fat Controller said...

Despite wiser counsels I cannot forbear to respond to this twisted old man. Sorry it has to be through the forum of your fragrant blog, Lady.

I too have had the privilege of meeting Vi, meeting some of her friends and seeing some of the places she describes. It would be hard to find a more hard-working, generous, loyal and at the same time fun-loving person. These are qualities that you may have difficulty recognising in others as you are so patently deficient in them yourself.

"Vi writes entertaining posts that amuses her readers"? - At least get your grammar correct.

nitebyrd said...

I like that description also, Lady. Hector seems very wise.

There are many fine hospitals and clinics in the US that might be able to remove the bug that seems to be up BBC's ass. Perhaps he'll visit one soon.

I've never met Vi or her friends but she seems like a woman that knows herself and is enjoying life according to her rules. I applaud that in women as well as men. Carry on, Vi and ignore the bastard.

Lady in red said...

cake welcome back I had wondered what had happened to you then when I went to your blog and it wasn't there I thought perhaps I had upset you in some way that I was unaware of but now I see you have just had a revamp which coincided with my visit. I promise not to be a stranger again.

Lady in red said...

Vi I shall let you have my contribution once I have decided what to write.....Ron gave me an idea yesterday but I m not sure how I would write it yet

Lady in red said...

Ron I shall be over to read your latest harem story as soo as I ahve finished my replies here

Lady in red said...

Pixie it is good to see you being spirited today. I am sure your new man is enjoying this side of you

Lady in red said...

fc how are you my dear, I am sorry I have not been visiting very often recently but your account of being the family taxi service struck a cord with me as that is a big part of my life.

Lady in red said...

nitebyrd I agree with you hector seems to be one of those rare men I just click with from the very beginning. I think he deserve a post all about him thanx for the idea

Fat Controller said...

I loved your description of your drive along the motorway. I think I know where you mean and have done that drive many times myself. It must be lovely with the daffs coming out already, they're always a few weeks later in these northern climes...we had snow this weekend.

I like to read your descriptions of the places you know because I can close my eyes and imagine myself there. That part of the country still feels like home and when I am back it is as if I had never been away.

Lady in red said...

fc I shall try my best to describe as many as I can for you but if I start to mke you feel home sick just let em know

Anonymous said...

Dear Lady In Red. I know that people like BBC are best ignored because they are too dense to listen to anyone. They live in their head and have tunnel vision. I know that Helen is the only woman who BBC has nothing bad to say about because he is a bottom feeder and she is the feedee. This is a man who berates everyone else for doing things they enjoy and acts like he is the all pure. Helen own everything and he uses her and waits for her to pass on. What kind of scum is that? Write on Lady In Red and enjoy your life.

Cosmic String said...

Hmm... this is all quite exciting isn't it? Well if Mr BBC fancies taking Vi on then I want to know where so that I can watch. You're toast old son.
PS I've moved. Innocent.

Lady in red said...

anon thank you for your comments, I shall of course continue with what I do

Lady in red said...

mr chameleon thanx for the heads up on yor new blog

Peach said...

hello all over here

BBC looks down on people because we are younger better looking and richer than he and he's a miserable old fart. Let's be DRUNK and BURN OUR HOUSES down just because we CAN if we want.

Silly fuck wit he is.

Emma said...

He is running out of places to vent now, we are all wise to the silly old bitter fool...xx

somebody said...