Sunday, 3 February 2008

my first for over 20 yrs

This week I got my first one for over 20 years. Everyone kept asking if I was excited? Was I going to treat myself?
Thursday morning arrived and there was the envelope with the slip of paper telling me exactly what I had got. I already knew what the total was as I had checked online before I came to work. My first full month of full time pay since before I began my family. I had worked full time hours for a few weeks at a time over the last few years but that was always short term and weekly paid. This would be different. Obviously I knew I had to pay tax and N.I. I could only guestimate what my net pay would be. Unfortunately the tax man has a bigger share than I would like but never mind it is still a big jump from the last few month's pay.

So any there is not much of it left now. By lunch time on Thursday I was back in the red having paid about £400+ in bills. Friday saw more going out in bills. I am trying to be good in the next few months and not go mad but we do deserve a few treats.

Saturday I took JA into town to get his bank account upgraded so that he can manage it himself now and not have to rely on my. OJ came with us as he wanted to pay some money in and ask for online banking pack to be sent to him. There were several other people waiting so we went away for half an hour. I treated us to burger king meals. I tried their spicy royale. It is not often I go into these places. after we had finished in the bank I treated us to a set of new garage keys. After all the trouble of getting a new garage door the key keeps getting lost (I put the spare in abox with some of my jewelry for safe keeping, the box has gone). So now both ET and OJ have their own key theres a spare hanging up and I have the other one.

That just left enough time to visit a shoe shop. I really need some new shoes (the boys have always had a habit of when they are near my shoes just putting them on). Nearly all my shoes are now stretched which means that my feet are constantly slipping in my shoes. I wanted to get one pair of black and one pair of brown. when I had made my choices and gone to the counter I was told that the brown ones were in the sale and were buy 2 get one free. So I grabbed these much to OJ and JA's absolute horror.

well I figure I deserve some frivolity in my life. At least they don't know about my other purchases from the internet. I have ordered a tingle tip for my toothbrush for even better night time enjoyment. plus 3 of these in different colours as they are only £1.99 each I just couldn't resist.


Emma said...

Some good purchases there, you so deserve it babe, I am so pleased things are in the up for you..xx

BBC said...

Always nice to be back in the black after catching up.

I haven't been in the red for years but I recall being there a few times when younger.

katy said...

you deserve to treat yourslef, well done on your first of many pay days

Jungle VIP said...

Working with you know i do....they always earnt from honest toil goes a lot further than money earnt in other ways......the dignity of work.....the sociology of work.....the routine of salvation ?

Working for the man is hateful sometimes....and i've probably had enough tbh......nearly 40 years without a break...goodness

glad its working out....and good to see you on here


Vi said...

Those shoes are just so.... you!!!!!

having my cake said...

Enjoy the tingle tip x

nitebyrd said...

OMG! I adore those shoes! They are yummy.

I've got to look into these toothbrush tips! LOL

It's so good to hear you're doing well. Yes, you deserve some treats. Enjoy!

somebody said...