Thursday, 21 February 2008


LiR sounds like your getting really happy for some reason !!!

I just found this in the comments on Pixie's blog.

whatever can she mean. Not sure it is a direct reply to my comment that I had intended to do some ironing last night. Maybe it was the reference to my having had a long phone chat instead. I don't think it was as a result of anything she has read on my blog. Maybe my text messages to her last night were what prompted it.

tonight I have been reading some new blogs. Nitebyrd has introduced us to some of her friends. At this point I shall say a warm welcome to Dazed and Confused. I was pleasantly suprised to find that DAC has aready added me to his blogroll. I feel very honoured sir.

We had a bit of a panic tonight. Well when I say we, what I really mean is myself and a man I hardly know.

Last night JA slept over at his friend B's house. He rang me at work yesterday to say he was just setting off on his bike. B lives in a village at the bottom of a hill not far from our town. It was fairly peaceful here last night. So much so that I fell asleep on the sofa after dinner. Luckily I was awake by the time I received my unexpected but very welcome phone call. Anyway I digress. When I got home from work today OJ asked what time JA would be home as he wanted to know when to put the pizza in the oven. He then showed me that JA had left his phone at home. I rang B's number to see if JA was coming home yet. B's dad said he had left over an hour earlier. So now both B's dad and I were worried, B tried to ring his friend D to see if he had seen JA on his way through the village. Oddly most of JA's new school friends live in this village. I don't know many of them yet. It took several attempts to get through to D who told B that JA was at his house. THis message was then passed on to B's dad who then told me. JA was told to gt himself home before it got too dark as he has to travel along and across a very busy main road where there have been a number of deaths. 40 minutes later there was still no sign of JA. I was just discussing with OJ and DC to go and look for him when he finally came through the back door. his pedals on his bike had jammed meaning he had had to push his bike nearly all the way.

No phone calls to smile about today, but I am not expecting any for a few days.


Pixie said...

sons eh ! what are they like!
I'll be paying careful attention on the smileometer rating going on!!!

Lady in red said...

The boy has a death wish!!

I just went out and discovered that my car was not in it's place. I automatically jumpt to conclusions.....the right one it seems. DC has taken my car to go to his g/f's he says it is because he needed to bring some clothes back that have been at her parents house since they got back from the Bestival music festival on the Isle of Wight last summer.

Pixie it is hard to keep the smiles going when I know there will be no communication for a few days but at least I was forewarned. But it's fair to say the smiles have ben pretty broad all day.

nitebyrd said...

I'm glad JA is okay. Why do mother's always start to think the worst? I know I do.

Smiling. That's a very good thing!

Dazzed and Confused said...

Kids sure will keep the heart pumping. I have a 22 year old son that still lives at home and I still stay up at night until he comes home.

Vi's Biggest Fan!!! said...

Hello :-) thought I'd pop in and meet you! *hehe*

Oh dear! Glad to hear JA is safe. I am terrible! I am such a worry wart if hubby is home late... I'm always thinking the worst! xx

Anonymous said...

Nice one.

I always worry about car accidents and things. It is a perfectly normal human activity too.

Liked your comment on "Girls" Glad you're reading it occasionally. How's work going bud ?


Anonymous said...