Wednesday, 20 February 2008


After days of bright sunshine it was surreal this morning to be driving through a whiteness. There was mist in the distance but not close by. The slopes and fields beside the motorway appear to be shrouded in a blanket of white. The naked trees stand out so starkly against the pale background. But the strange thing is the various shades of white. There's the pale grey white just above the hedges and trees, the whiter white closer to the ground and the slightly creamy pink tinged white higher up in the sky. I have time to notice all this as we creep along in trails of red tail lights as we make our way through these road works that are not due to finish until november. As we reach the crest of the hill I am shocked at the mystical sight of the sun ahead of me on the right it is like a huge disc of orange like toffee penny in its foil and celephane wrapping. as we dive down the other side of the hill towards the city below the sun vanishes behind the trees on the left as the road sweeps round to the right. As the road begins to sweep left again as it splits off in three directions the sun reappears but this time it is smaller and a lighter yellow like polished gold. As I pass the marshes on the far side of the city the sun is reflected on the water in the distance. more of a bronze hue now. I love my journeys to and from work at the moment now that it is day light in both directions, I adore the colours of the winter sky just after sun rise and before sunset. I wish I could take pictures but that is impossible as I drive along.