Saturday, 9 February 2008

nothing is ever easy

This morning I nipped up to the local shops to get some money from the ATM. DC needed the £170 I was looking after for him as he is getting new tyres and exhaust fitted on his car today as it failed its MOT on wednesday.

The ATM decided (once I had gone through the process of asking for the money) that my PIN was incorrect. I entered it again, again it told me my PIN was incorrect after a 3rd try it was still incorrect. I have used this same number for years and never had a problem with it. So I drove into town to the bank it wasn't too busy as it was just after 9am. I withdrew the money I needed for DC and a small amount for me over the weekend. They have ordered me a new PIN which could take upto a week to arrive!!!

So now I have to rely on internet banking or withraw cash from the bank counter until I get my new PIN. I then met DC at the garage where he is having the work done to hand over the money he needed. It then occurred to me that I should have given him a cheque then I wouldn't have used the ATM and my PIN would still be ok and I would have access to my cash!


katy said...

the ATM could have a faulty key pad! at least it didn't keep you card it ate mine once and that left me with no means to do shopping, had to take the husband with me and that is one ball ache LOL

Jungle VIP said...

Well...this is the sort of thing that hardly ever happens to me. When it gets like is trying. In fact very trying.

I have 5 pin numbers to remember. None of them particularly memorable and, with my propensity for seniour moments, it's an area of impending high risk.

I've had a listen to the music...


Miss Understood said...

Damn banks. At least they didn't snatch your car after the third attempt...that's usually what happens!

Lady in red said...

I was worried that would happen but I guess I was lucky and part of me thinks there was a problem with the ATM as I wouldn't have expected it to let me get all the way through the transaction even up to punching in the amount I wanted to withdraw before it decided that I an incorrect PIN

I shall be keeping a very close eye on my account

Anonymous said...