Thursday, 14 February 2008

wednesday wanderings

After the excitement of riding in the imo on monday I spent tuesday evening taking JA to a special house belonging to ther police so he can give a video statement. It seems he is a crucial witness in a case that they can't tell us about. I have my suspicions from the little that I ahve gathered. JA doesn't know anything but can confirm whether certain people were in a certain place at a certain time.

tonight was yet again different in that I spent 1 1/2hrs at the school for parents evening with ET. Apparentlyhe is predicted Cin most subjects but most teachers also said with some extra work he could easily acheive B.

I have recently come to a realisation
I have realised that I am more at peace with myself now than I have been for as long as I can remember. In the past week or so my phone has been fairly silent. the only people who have been ringing or texting me are the loan companies. But I am fine with that. For the last couple of years I ahve needed to be incontact with someone all the time whether its by msn or text. But now I realise I don't need that . I was thinking about it and realised that what I was doing before was craving affirmation from my friends that I am popular with them, I am worthy of their attention.
Why do I not need that so much now?
Because I don't need the constant attention to make me believe I am good. I can believe in myself now. I can look myself in the eye (in the mirror obviously) and say to myself........ LIR you are someone and you are worthwhile.

I did a test earlier on facebook to see what kind of chocolate I would be. this is their verdict

White chocolate because you’re both regal and velvety smooth. You speak, walk, and talk a good game and people are rewarded with your smooth and inviting persona. Some find you to be a rare gem among the landscape of sweets, almost like the hidden treasure that only a select few know about. People may not necessarily crave you ALL the time, but when they are in the mood for white chocolate, they will damn near sell an organ for a taste of you. Or donate an organ. A big organ ;)


Anonymous said...

hi LIR long time no comment i know but it is great news that you feel worthy of you again and are happy and content with you. Keep it going really happy for you. love charlie xxx

nitebyrd said...

White chocolate is wonderful! It's nice to hear that you're happy with yourself and life. Gives me some hope!

RONJAZZ said...

The best thing we can do for ourselves, Lady, is to make sure we've take care of ourselves in the best way we can. I am proud of someone like you, who has worked so hard to do exactly that!

somebody said...