Monday, 18 February 2008


I was starting to answer the comment that nitebyrd left on my last post about the description Hector had given me. Having given this some thought i decided that my friend Hector deserves a post of his own.

for each of us there are people who come and go in our lives. some we might chat to a few times, some may become lovers and some are close friends.

Hector is one of these people who I just clicked with, there has been no build up of friendship over days, weeks or months. The first time we chatted we were up all night chatting and we have been firm friends ever since. Lol that makes it sound as though it has been years. It has in fact been 2 months. We chat and play games on face book, I ahve so many invites for hugs, kisses and much more and a good proportion of them are from him. mind you he gets just as many back from me. we chat on msn for hours, we text and exchange jokes. like the one he sent me on Valentines day.

Man goes to see wizard and says 'can you lift a curse that was put on me years ago' Maybe says the wizard, if you can remember the exact words of the curse. the man replies without hesitation ' I now pronounce you man and wife'.

we chat on the phone too, I do like to hear his scouse voice lol I shall have to ask him what he thinks of my voice. he thinks I'm an idiot, he calls me sexy bum, mate but mostly 'maddo'.

He is like my best friend, my brother, my lover all rolled into one except he is not my brother or my lover. He knows I still have the hots for Swinger. I know he is in love with a woman who doesnt want to know. we flirt, we tease , we can have sensible conversations, but equally we can both be as daft as a brush or as mad as a box of frogs.

Before I knew that Pixie was changing the date of her party I had asked him if he wants to meet up for coffee when I travel to Pixie's . Without any hesitation he agreed, even says he will behave himself. I have warned him he will have to hope my will power is strong and I behave myself too. we talked about friends and those who are just a shag. I asked him which I am. he tells me I am a friend but he would still like to shag me. He knows it isn't on the cards and hes ok with that but he can still dream he says. now that Pixie has changed the date of her party and we still don't know when it will be. I have suggested to Hector that maybe I will find myself with a reason to travel up that way before the party or he might find he has a reason to travel south. he says its more likely he will come south as he travels more often than I do.

On friday I decided that its time to change my profiles again on the dating sites. They need updating. I decided that in order to get it right I should ask Hector for his help seeing as he has got my measure. But I didn't see him online until after I had done it. But I did discuss with him a message I had received in response to one I had sent to a professional man in Brighton. I showed Hector the message from brighton, he didnt like it thought it was sleazy. He asked me to send him my profile which he thought was fine and he wrote me the message he would have written in response to my profile. It was brilliant a very good mixture of humour and compliments and very obvious that he had read and understood my profile. I have not spoken to him since last night( this morning as it was 4am when I said good night).

Having decided that I would write this post I spent some time thinking about him and what I would write. It dawned on me that I probably couldn't find anyone better suited to me. He is funny, intelligent, sensitive, he understands me, he can see past the insecurities, the sexual woman, he can see the real me as I am, all the different sides of me. He finds me attractive, sexy and he appreciates both my humour and my writing. He told me weeks ago that I am wearing his cock out (even though we have never met).

maybe I should just decide to spend a weekend with him instead of an hour or two and just see where it gets us. See if there is that spark between us in person or if we are destined to be friends and nothing more. when I asked his advice about my profile he was baffled. He said he didn't know why I need to use dating sites at all. Maybe hes right and I don't need them.


Vi said...

That's how I feel about dating websites. Too many weirdos out there. Sounds like you've got a bit of a 'crush' on Hector! Hope this one works out for you my dear!

Emma said...

I don't think you have anything to lose by meeting him, I am still on a few dating sites but it's so long since I have even looked at them.

They all seemed to be full of the one night stands or the full on want to marry you after a week and no inbetween. I am having a lull at the moment but to be honest it hasn't really bothered me if someone comes along they do, if not it really doesn't matter..xx

Pixie said...

Sounds like we'll have to co-ordinate journeys and wave to each other going the other way on the motorway... LOL

nitebyrd said...

Hector sounds fantastic. Good for you, Lady.

somebody said...