Wednesday, 25 July 2007

why do I feel betrayed

I had a text this morning from the lovely man who took me out for a lunchtime drink on tuesday. It seem he has been contacted by SL saying he used to be half of (the couple name we had) now he is playing with Alison. I have chatted to Alison in the past she lives in my town and we were talking about the three of us getting together. I know there were times when we were both chatting to her at once but not together. I have not spoken to her in a few months and not spoken to him much either.

I mentioned to him last week that I wasn't able to get onto our profile he said he hadn't renewed our membership. He was having a break as it was all getting very samey. I didn't mind as I was thinking of having a break myself specially as I have decided to stop NSA.

I don't mind that the two f them have hooked up together but he could have been honest and told me. I told him what I was doing. I feel he has betrayed me.

Anyway when I first made contact with Forest it was to play as two couples. Only he had split from his partner. I know he still wants to try some group sex so maybe I won't feel so bad now about contacting some of the people I have met through this to join us.

I left msn messages for both of them, for him I told him that I had heard from someone else that he had now teamed up with Alison, I dont mind but he could have been honest with me last week when we spoke. I have not had any reply. For her I just said that I was glad they had hooked up together and hope it goes well. She has replied saying they have not been together long and hopes I am having lots of fun!!