Tuesday, 24 July 2007


I couldn’t have predicted how today would go. Right now I am sitting on my bed with the sun shining through the window feeling happy. Today two friendships have changed, moved, onto another level. Both these friendships are with men who I have been talking to online since about October last year. Both these men probably know a lot more about me as a person than most people do. Both these friendships have been platonic until now although I have discussed sexuality with both of them, both mine and their own. Until about March we corresponded purely online then we exchanged mobile numbers. I don’t remember exactly but it must have been at around the same time with both men. Since then we have text as well as msn. Although with one of them there have been many telephone calls also. I met both men (online) through my quest to meet others for group sex. Both men are no longer with the partner they were with at the time. My partner (Foxy) is busy doing his own thing, I feel that, that partnership is coming to an end. We still talk and he still wants me to organise meets for us but nothing seems to be happening.

Today I had a lunchtime drink with a very lovely, sweet man, I enjoyed his company and I loved gazing into his gentle blue eyes. As he was leaving to return to his office for the afternoon, he kissed me. Very gentle kisses but mmm very sweet. The feel of his hand on my waist and his gentle kisses was very nice. He tells me that he has a day off work tomorrow and if my knight is unable to meet me he would willingly take his place. Sigh!
We have exchanged text since I got back home. I shall definitely want to see him again and as a bonus he is single.

I returned to my car shaded by the canopy of a chestnut tree. My mobile buzzed it was my other friend. We chatted as he relieved himself in the comfort of his bed. In the past we have had some very explicit conversations but this call was something different. I am getting used to the idea of phoning a couple of my prospective lovers and allowing them to hear me cum. But this was the first time I had listened to a man cum over the phone as I told him what I would like to do. I enjoyed this experience more than I had ever thought I would. After our call I had to drive home, I hadn’t gone very far when I found I was completely turned on as my mind went over the conversation that had gone along with the heavy breathing from both of us. I desperately wanted to get home and up to my bed so that I could play with myself, I even thought about calling him to return the favour. But by the time I arrived at the house #2 & 3 were home from school.

As I was locking my car my neighbour arrived home with her baby (her 5th). We chatted for a while, and she told me who my ex is seeing. A few weeks ago he had called me saying

I expect you heard who my girlfriend is.

I hadn’t and I didn’t and don’t care so long as he leaves me alone. When I heard who she is I couldn’t help laugh. I’m sure she’s fine she hasn’t had the easiest life her grown up daughter is a victim of Downs Syndrome. The mother is not very bright herself but I do feel a little sorry for her but not much. I have known for years that she liked my ex he was one of the people in the pub who would talk to her. I was always polite to her but didn’t encourage her, I found her quite annoying. I won’t be telling my boys who their father is seeing. I know what their reaction would be. (horrified). Later I walked up to our local shops for a few things. Whilst there I met one of the men my ex shares a house with. It was the first time this man has spoken to me in about 2 years. He also told me who the girlfriend is, saying that he doesn’t know what he’s doing with her. He also said that he can understand why I wanted rid of my ex, he took him in as they were friends and he didn’t want to see him out on the street. But he is a nuisance and gets very drunk, but they don’t see much of him at the moment as he is always at her place.

When I was walking along the path to our house after collecting my youngest from school he said

why are you doing that?

Doing what ?


Because it’s a lovely warm sunny day and I’m happy.

I am looking forward to the new opportunities that May seems to be bringing.

Last night I also had a long coversation with Chief (much younger than me) he is really keen to meet up again. I had a message from Mr Passionate wanting to see me next week. I also have JJ champing at the bit to see me now he has decided that he doesnt want an excusive relationship with his girlfriend. Gordon is pushing me to organise a group meet I am seeing him next thursday.Lotto has also been in touch wanting to see me again. I think I am going to be a very busy girl. I haven't even taken into account that my Dark Master still wants to meet me and I am hoping to see my knight every wednesday for a few weeks.