Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Busy or not

I have had several conversations in the last 24 hours or so about how busy I am.

Mostly I am busy on msn, text or email. Although I chat to a lot of guys and most of them want to get me into bed. My sexual life isnt as busy as it seems. yes there are lots of guys wanting to see me but it isnt turning out that I am having sex all over the place as it perhaps seems. I have been doing some thinking about this and decided its time to have a clear out.

1)Mr Passionate mmmmm lovely I may have only seen him 2x this year but we are hoping to get together next week there is no way I'm saying no to him :-)

2) foxy (SL) my partner ....hes got his own things going on and we have not had sex together at all this year in fact we have only seen each other 2x with others.......I'm going to let that one drop unless he decides to make more of an effort. Sad we were good together

3)My Knight my my adorable dearest man it is proving difficult to get time together but it will happen

4) Gordon my other partner.......I'm not sure hes really for me. The distance I think is too great for us to get together often, hes also very pushy but very limited to times he can play ie early evening until 7.30ish. I have arranged to see him next thursday But I may call it a day. He desperately wants us to have group fun but if I am not sure of him myself how can I sell the idea of him to others. I have just read some messages for us from another couple and I just felt it was wrong I cant answer the messages I have no inclination to do so. I know when I get online in the morning I shall have some instructions from him about answering the messages.

5)Dark Master we have not met yet, there have been text and im conversations even telephone calls. but each time we agree to meet one of us cancels. I have not been sure about this set up anyway. Now contact is becoming more and more sporadic I think he is going to be another one that I say good bye to.

6) Lotto I met lotto about a month or so ago. I was suffering from a bad headache at the time. Yes I did like him but although he was sat facing me on the seat he was moving further away so I felt he didnt really want to be there. Speaking to him a few weeks later he told me that he really fancied me and wanted to do lots more than just chat. He wanted to see me again, he wants me to go to his place so we can act out a fantasy of his. He doesnt seem to be all that bothered about arranging when to see me again. He has told me he has cancelled his membership of the website and hes only interested in me but then says he must reiterate hes not looking for a relationship. I dont think he knows what he wants. I dont think he has seen anyone else since his divorce. I think this one is a slow burner. Not sure what to do maybe flip a coin?

7) Chief met him a few weeks ago much younger, fit in both senses of the word. he wants to see me again, but last night all he kept on about apart from really wanting to fuck me again. he desperately wants me to organise some group sex with him. He was very insistent on this. If this is the only thing he wants although he says not, he can go swing , fit or not. I hadn't heard from him since a few days after the last time we met. But he says hes been away on holiday.

8)JJ he had decided he couldnt see me after all as he has been seeing someone for about 6 months (about as long as we have been chatting)and it seems more serious than he had thought. but suddenly hes deciding shes not what he wants for a long term relationship. so he does want to see me now. although each time I am free hes with her. Its make up your mind time for him. If he doesnt put his words into action he will be relegated to friend only.

9) Oxo I have met him a couple of times in the last few weeks. I have not really blogged about him. I like him and the sex is good but I think he will soon have me bored to tears. I shall probably see him a few more times but not many .......he isnt local either which is a bind especially as I left my sunglasses in his car and had to buy new ones.

10) Forest forest is my blue eyed friend who I have been chatting to for about 6 months and finally met on tuesday and again on wednesday. we will be seeing more of each other. I think I was afraid of meeting him because I enjoyed his friendship although I have know all the time that he really wanted to meet me but never pushed it.

11) mystery visitor mmm well it was very nice having my visitor last week. Logistically it isnt going to be a regular thing but it may not be the last time he visits.

I think what I am aiming for here is as before just a few regular lovers, only my current lovers have not been very regular of late. Maybe the coming months will see a change in this. so my conclusion I shall still see Mr Passionate, my Knight, Oxo few more times and Forest. With the possible additions of one or more out of JJ, Lotto or chief. my gut feeling is that out of those three, JJ is the most likely if he gets his act together.


I spoke to JJ this afternoonan told him its make up your mind time. we both had a couple of spare hours this afternoon so we decided to meet up for a chat to see if we both want to take this any further. We had a nice walk and chatted sitting on a bench in the sun watching the ducks on the nearby pond. He does want to see me again. I have told him to give it some thought and let me know as I am having a clear out he understands.

I have emailed Gordon and text Dark master to give them the bad news.