Wednesday, 25 July 2007


I like you very much
you are kind, funny, caring and very sexy
you make me feel good
I miss talking to you
I dont mean a text here and there
I mean really talking like we did before

You gave me pleasure
you made me feel better with your own brand of TLC
we are planning to be together in just a few hours
yet I am scared
scared that you wont be able to see me
scared that you will
scared something will go wrong

I have wanted this so much
I have longed to see you
I have yearned for you kisses
I need your touch
I need to taste you
I need your arms around me

do you still want me
will you still want me
will our time together be how we want
will we have enough time
suddenly I am scared
scared of wanting you

I'm still scared of seeing you though I want to so much, I wake up feeling unwell, nerves maybe.
my son is poorly, i'm in two minds. do I let him stay home and put you off or do I make him go to school so I can have you.
you take the decision out of my hands.

Hiya I am not going to make it as something new now cropped up x so sorry x

no worries, I was about to tell you that my youngest is home ill.

lol is that not typical for us both x was so looking forward to licking u out the feel of your mouth around my cock and finally entering you and having you come over me x

mmmmm now you got me going! I was looking forward to making a meal of you xxxx