Friday, 27 July 2007


wandering along aisles filling up the trolley
with basic food rations for the week
neck feeling tender, bruises starting to come out
throbbing sensation still from beneath flowing skirt
can they tell, these other shoppers
that from her lover's bed she has arrived here
these things will ensure that for a few hours, days
her night will not soon be forgot
to wake up next to this now familiar body
to stroke his back as he stirs from his deep contented sleep
he turns and feels the wetness between her legs as his cock lands in her hand
within minutes he hovers over her as he enters her now pulsing pussy
still sore from the pounding of the early hours
he has made it his mission to reverse the closing of her vagina

"either my cock has shrunk or your cunt has got bigger"

"your cock has not shrunk"

as he pounds into her sometimes into her pussy
somestimes her ass
her thoughts turn to the other one
the one who has made her want to scream

on the way here there were text messages

sometimes you make me want to scream!!

screaming I hope x

in my head but once in the car with my radio up loud i shall scream

lucky u x

at least someone wants to be with me

touche turtle x x

not lucky me but lucky him

must be u too or no reason to x

maybe you dont think he is lucky, he will make me feel wanted, then I wont need to scream

it was u said u not lucky and screaming is good for u

this only made her want to scream even more, why cant he see that it is him she wants to be with
it is good to be with this man as he holds her and kisses and bites her
he fills her aching body
he gives her back her confidence
the confidence the other has been breaking down
the confidence that attracted him in the first place
but he does not make her heart lurch at the sight of him
he does not make her melt in his embrace
his kisses dont make her heart sing

now the sky has turned dark and there is thunder which suits the way she is feeling the thunder is the screaming in her head and the rain is the tears that she tries not to let fall