Wednesday, 25 July 2007


I am a butterfly, I flit from one place to another spreading my warmth and beauty for all to see and share.

Only now I cannot fly, I am trapped. trapped in a giant spider's web. The more I try to escape the more I get tangled up in these threads so fine they appear invisible. but they are there all the same.

I believed you were my friend, you listened to tales of my travels. You listened to tales of the magnificent butterflies I had met and also the drab moths I had encountered along the way. You soothed me with your words when I became excitable. You lured me to you with your warmth. I believed you to be a magnificent butterfly too but I was wrong. You are a spider and you have me caught in your web.

When I yearn for the comfort of .your words, to have you beside me, you hide in the very centre of your web in a place I cannot reach. But each time I try to escape you throw out more threads to keep me held fast. You send me words that lighten my heart but still you keep your distance.
Please I beg of you, either take me into the heart of your world. Keep me safe and happy, let us dance together. Or release me let me fly againon the breeze to land where ever I will.