Wednesday, 25 July 2007


It’s 3am and I’m awake……..have been for a while now
It’s no good I can’t help it
My mind keeps going over it
The feel of your touch
The taste of your kisses
The look in your eyes

I lay on my back and I want you there above me pressing me into the mattress.
Kissing me holding me
I turn on to my front……..I never lie like this
I remember you under me as I lay over you
As we held each other in our embrace
Our eyes locked together

I remember how your fingers worked inside me
Making me wet and then wetter still
I remember how you used your tongue to send me to heaven
How you licked and sucked until I felt I could take no more
I remember how I wanted you
I remember not wanting to let go

The feel of your cock in my hand
The sensations in my fingers as I stroked
I remember the taste
As I used my tongue
As I took you within my mouth
As you spilled your seed for me

It’s 3am and I am alone here
My bed feels empty even though
There has only been one time
You were here with me
I yearn for your touch
I long for your taste

It’s 11am now and I am driving
My mind returns
To those hours
In the deepest of the night
When I was, wanting you
How I want you still now