Tuesday, 31 July 2007

another day in my life

The sun is shining in my world today ;-)

On the whole it has been a good day although it could have been better

I didn't get to sleep before 1am

woke up at 2am feeling horny thinking about my imminent adventure

woke up again at 4am (kids were still awake!!)

6.15am got up made breakfast and blogged.

found an off line message from Forest

'we never seem to be here at the same time'

I reply I am here now

then realise his message was sent at 10pm last night (I was on computer then but offline)

I text him that I seem to have missed him again

not much later and he comes on line and we have our first msn chat for about 2 months
it is sooo much easier than text. But all too soon I have to shower and go to work. I am leaving earlier today as I am taking my computers to be looked at. I have got a good deal. One pc gets a full health check, the other I believe needs a new hard drive (I was told last year that the hard drive falls over and will do this more and more frequently, this seemed to be the case). It turned out that the hard drive is fine but one of the connections on a cable attached to the hard drive has sheared off. I had a second RAM installed, some drives which were missing were downloaded ie sound. I had all this done while I was at work and collected them on the way home. Total cost a massive £67 so I am well pleased with that. even if I was left with a mere 70p in my purse.

On the down side although it had been very grey all morning it was dry however this changed in time for me to get wet leaving work. By 5pm it was dry and even sunny!!!!
computer is working well, wireless adapter is working but just wont connect with router, I phoned my broadband provider....they dont support this adapter I must contact the supplier. But by this time the supplier was out of office!! so I still dont have a wireless connection.......oh well maybe tomorrow or the day after or the day after or some day.

Oh and a big suprise to me my son told me last night that he doesnt like his car he wants to sell it. He only bought it in march!! so he spent last night looking for cars online this morning he went to look at a peugot 106 (he has 206) but he rang me on my way home to tell me that hes found a new car.....hes swapping it for his current car. He is getting a Suzuki Vitari estate (better for carrying equipment for his band Jaimison)

I wonder how long this one will last before he decides to change it


Georgina Best said...

Ah the ficklness of some men Lady In Red!
Thanks for visiting my blog and posting a comment. Amazing you find time to know about football with everything else you have going on


Lady in red said...

Ah georgina

I have four sons!!

I ran a youth football club for a few years which included three girls teams as well as boys teams. many sundays and saturdays on the touch line weed day evenings at trainign or in committee meetings either in the club or at the league even had to take one of the managers to a league disciplinary now that was scary

Anonymous said...