Friday, 27 July 2007

It takes four

I have come to the realisation that the man I desire in my life exists in the form of four men. these men are all different, they bring different things to my life. On their own none will live up to my needs but put them together I have the perfect man for me.

there is my comfort lover, he takes me in his embrace, kisses me oh so nicely, takes me to his bed and holds me throughout the night. He wants me often, he wants more than I can give but is happy to accept what I can. He wants to make me his, at least in the short term, perhaps longer. We are good together, he is sweet and he finds me perfect, my only fault being that I have children. he calls me up just to hear my voice, he tells me i have a very sexy voice. he gives me peace and comfort.

there is the one who stole my heart. first we were friends, then we met and my breath he took away. there is no man I have ever found sexier even in his shyness. to communicate frequently is not his thing which frustrates me no end. Our times together though brief and infrequent have an intensity none can beat. the more I learn of him the more in common I find we have. Both now and in the years of our childhoods. he gives me something I cannot put my finger on, all I know is that without him I am incomplete.

there is the one who gives me passion, he knows that there are times when I need to be fucked hard. we give each other much pleasure. He is bound to another, but to me and none other he willingly gives his passion. from that very first time we met it was inevitable that soon in my bed he would be. We no longer frequently get together but that is unimportant. Our passion for each other we can give from afar as we await that time when we can again be joined as one. among others he is the only wedded one I could not give up. he gives me exhileration

lastly there is the one who is my friend, we share a fondness for each other. we also share an interest in a side to me that I have yet to explore. the art of discipline spanking has taken a hold of my curiosity. this has been a subject of interest to him for many years. he has kindly agreed to initiate me into these pleasures. we talk often about this and other matters. he has taken over the role of confidante from the one who was before my heart he stole. he gives me laughter, excitement and encouragement.

I apologise now if you are one of the other men in my life but not one of the four. everyone of you has a place in my heart :-)