Saturday, 28 February 2009

Feeling old

It is not often that I am up and out of the house early on a saturday, after all I thought saturdays were invented for recovering after a week at work.

But today I had an early appointment. JA and his mummy were both having eye tests. Having assured me last night that he would have no trouble getting up in the morning

'I am always up early at weekends!'

I was amused that I had to drag him out of bed at 8.45 to get to our 9.10am appointment.

While JA was having his eyes checked I watched a young couple with their little girl (no more than about 15 months) as she cooed and clucked in a delightfully happy way. Then it was my turn to have puffs of air and bright lights shone into my eyes. How stupid did I feel after stating that I couldn't see the second line let alone read it. Changing lenses made no difference all I could see was a white bar!! Then I discovered that I was too low down and could only see the very top of the page above the rows of letters.

The result of all these tests apart from streaming eyes, I need glasses!! Not just one pair for reading but also different ones for driving. So in a week I get to collect my new red yes thats right I have got red glasses for reading, and my black and pink reaction glasses for driving. I could do with having the driving glasses for wednesday but as they won't be ready until wednesday I can't get them until saturdy.

Later I attended my second appointment of the day. I had rung during the week to make the appointment and was told that it would be with Hannah. I didn't know who Hannah was but trying to figure out which of the girls/women I remember there but don't know the names asked if she had dark hair. Yes but shes got blonde bits too at the moment. So imagine my suprise when I arrived that I only recognised two of the girls, all but the one who cut my hair last time had long blonde hair with dark underneath, I think its called 'dipped'. I had absolutley no idea which of these young women was Hannah. Maybe I am just getting old but they all looked very young to me, none of them looked more than twenty. The salon normally full of chat was oddly quiet, with only the woman in the chair next to me having a conversation with her stylist (the one who last cut my hair). None of the older stylists that I am used to were there. My normal stylist only works wednesday and thursdays so I knew she wouldn't be there.

Hannah did a good job of my hair but hardly spoke at all during the process which I found quite amusing, there was none of the usual chit chat that you get with stylists that you don't know. Never mind, maybe they charge for chatting ( the charge for my hair cut was £10 less than I pay my stylist). The best part was that when I got home none of my boys even noticed that I have had my hair cut!!

After all this you would think that Kama would be champing at the bit to go to the pictures with me tonight. But he turned me down in favour of men with funny shaped balls. How could I have forgotten that this man who doesn't know Rugby league and Rugby Union have different size teams, always watches the England matches with a group of friends all dressed in their England shirts drinking beer at a club in a neighbouring village. The day we went out for dinner was one of these days and he had had to watch his mates drinking while he didn't because he was taking me out later. Tonight he is crying into his drink after England lost!! Serves him right I say, mind you earlier, when we were discussing the films that were on, he hadn't heard of the two I mentioned, Grand Torino and The International.


Dark Side said...

Can't wait to see you in your new specs and you have reminded me I got a reminder a few weeks ago and really must book an appointment...xx

Mel said...

I had to surrender contacts for bifocals and I'm yet to be pleased with it.

Stupid eye tests.....

MarmiteToasty said...

I know I need to upgrade me glasses for driving... I dont need them for computer or knitting BUT the telly is getting a tad fuzzy now...

So.... probably make an appointment in the week with the optician.... more bloody money lol


Casdok said...

I am at the denial stage that i need glassess!!
Glad you were pleased with your hair and cheaper to!

Anonymous said...

I'm vain. I have been on contact lenses for as long as I can remember. Today, I couldn't get them on as my eyes were tired and dry. So I had to fish for my pair of old specs which made me look so nerdy and geeky that everyone from the girl at the reception counter to the tealady had to do a double-take. I am so going to make myself a pair of new specs this weekend for these just-in-case occasions. *laughs*

Dazza said...

Having worn glasses since I was 10 I can only say that I enjoy wearing them... they didn't start out this way, but can be super-stylish these days.

I had a friend once who wore glasses with non-correcting lenses, just because he thought they made him look smarter!!


Trixie said...

I'm sure you'll look very sexy in them!

Anonymous said...