Friday, 20 February 2009

Doing what had to be done

Sometimes a woman just has to take her chances.

I was feeling a bit miffed that although he was working from home all there was to show for it was two late morning emails not a single text message and it was nearing the end of my day. I was talking to the customer that Boss Lady refers to as 'LiR's boyfriend' when Kama text me he was on his way to the sports venue which is next door to the business where my 'boyfriend' works. After finishing my call I text back that if I got bored I might turn up at the venue to check out a certain pair of legs. A few minutes later I text again that it had been a while since I had last seen Stan (another sports official at the venue).

Ha! good one LiR! xx

Whilst I was driving home I was considering paying the venue a visit, I stopped at Sainsbury's to get the boys some dinner first. It was in the store that I met Alex and his mum Lyn, Alex mentioned that he had a match in fact two matches at the venue tonight. He had been trying to persuade OJ to play as one of the teams was a player short. (He knows all the team and does play occasionally). I assured Alex that I would get OJ to play.

So at 7.15 I was stood with OJ and friends watching the end of Alex's first match. I could see Kama dressed in his full kit presiding over the match on the other pitch. When they discovered that their match was on that pitch OJ believed I would be able to watch both Kama and OJ at the same time. He was wrong.....................with the match about to begin another much younger ref who I also recognised walked onto the pitch blowing his whistle.

While the match was starting I made my way over to the bar where I could see Kama getting a drink. I sidled up beside him saying hello. It was lovely to see the smile that spread across his face. He bought me a drink (I only wanted water), then we found a table to sit and chat, we shared a bag of Hula Hoops (last of the big spenders lol). We had a lovely half hour together, I was suprised to discover that he had already finished his shift and was about to head off to his sister's place. so we walked out to the car park together where I got a peck on the cheek. Ok so it wasn't the kind of kiss I craved but we were in a public place where he has a position of authority and respect.

Later at home I was just about to send a text thanking him for dinner when his text arrived saying it had been lovely to see me and nice to meet OJ.

So tonight was not an ideal situation, it wasn't a date, it was too brief but it was very nice and it was also another step for us as we grow closer. Two hours later I still feel happy and smiley.

Mel asks what are Hula Hoops so here are a few but might I suggest asking The Brit, he will know.


Fire Byrd said...

Out of little acorns.....
Watcha mean it wasn't a date.... you got a glass of water and half a pack of hulla hoops!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I can just visualise that big, BIG smile on your face all the way from London to KL. C'mon, it was a date. Fire Byrd was right. There was a drink, some food and yes, didn't I read of a peek on the cheek? *laughs* So happy, happy, happy for you. Have a great weekend. Hugs!

Mel said...

Ah, but it was a lovely moment!

Ummmmm.....what're hulla hoops?

Mel said...

Ah ha!

Well, himself ventured into the realms of the awakened.....(or at least is pretending to be awake....LOL) I shall endeavour to get him to explain.

AFTER a cuppa coffee of course.
Decaff for him--leaded for me!


Anonymous said...