Wednesday, 4 March 2009


What I didn't say about feeling old on saturday was that as I walked along the main shopping street in town to buy yet another school tie for my little angel who doesn't seem to be able to keep hold of this important part of his uniform. I was seriously hobbling, every single step taken resulted in a searing pain in my right buttock. I gather I must have damaged the muscle, I am not sure how or when but it was bloody painful!!

On Sunday I took Et and JA swimming for 1 1/2 hours, after which the pain in my buttock was reduced to an ache. Progress!! But on Monday at work everytime I got up from my desk to walk anywhere I was back to hobbling in agony although as the day passed the hobbling improved and the pain was reduced slightly. Tuesday when I woke up and staggered to the bathroom I became aware that I was not in any more pain in my buttock or hip. But maybe this was down to the overriding pain in my head. I had one of the most excruciating headaches, so I informed PB (by text)that I had a migrain, then spent the day sleeping it off. As usual I came back to life around 7pm. I had been concerned that I might not be fit to drive to Warwick today.

So here we are on wednesday already and to my delight no headache and just an ache in my hip. The forcast had been for rain possibly snow!! I did consider taking my fleece throw and caterpillar boots just in case. I had been keeping an ear out for the travel news as we would be taking A34 which is often bad for accidents. But today it seemed to be clear, we left home at 10am and arrived at warwick at 12.00. All the car parks were full so we were directed to park on the perimeter road. The first space we found was at the furthest point away fron the main part of the campus with the maths building (very modern) at the furthest point on the opposite side of the campus.

It was pleasant to walk past the ponds with swans, geese and other water fowl including but by the time we reached the main part of the campus I was really struggling. Now I really did feel like an old woman. By the time we reached the maths building I couldn't wait to sit down but we had to stand around for 20 minutes before we could get into the first lecture hall. I did enjoy the lecture involving soapy water and perspex sheets then lots of triangles with funny shaped snooker tables. The lecturer made everything seem so simple and I refuse to admit that he was rather sexy!! This was followed by another lecture in a smaller lecture hall where I ended up leaning against the rear wall trying to get comfortable as a post graduate taught us about space travel using gravitational slingshot.

Following this second lecture we had our campus tours, this time I was in a small group of just 6 parents. I was really worried that I wouldn't be able to keep up but suprisingly I made it although in the latter part of the walk I was again struggling. But luckily two of the dads were chatting so walking slower I was able to keep up with them!! Who knew men multi tasking could help me out? Finally we returned to the maths building for another lecture, I should have wated for OJ but I just had to sit down so I found us a couple of seats and waited there.

This last lecture was more about the University and the maths courses ending with some samples of questions from an extended paper the students will need to take before they can be accepted. To me it looked like a group of ants had clustered on the black boards (they actually still use proper chalk boards with the same wooden board cleaners they sed when I was at school !!) I certainly couldn't make any sense of what was shown. But OJ came up with the right answer even if he was afraid to say so because he thought he was wrong. I am proud of him.

The long walk back to the car was torture with every step. OJ could have walked to the car and back to the campus in the time it took me hobble to my car. When I did finally reach the car I had to sit a while to allow my feet to stop hurting before I could manage the long drive home. 257 miles round trip. No more Universities to visit now thank heavens.


DJ Kirkby said...

Sciatica? Hope it goes soon! OJ is one clever boy.

Fire Byrd said...

Just as well, sounds as if the trips are taking it out of you. Hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

Did OJ like Warwick?

Mel said...

Ouchie.....sounds like that back problem I had goin' on for the longest time. BOY did that make walking distances/being on my feet for periods of time, painful.

So--what's the kiddo think?!

Dark Side said...

Ooo bad backs I am surrounded by them including my own so I have every sympathy with you and well done for managing to walk around...xx

Lady in red said...

Dj my first thought was sciatica too but I am not convinced.

Yes he is smarter than your average bear

Lady in red said...

Fire I do believe that I am on the mend but then I might just be fooling myself, you know how I hate to be under the weather for any reason for long

Lady in red said...

Andrea I do believe he was impressed, I too would have enjoyed the experience if I had been helicoptered into the campus and then airlifted out again!!

He tells me that out of the three he has visited he liked warwick the best although the thought of more hours work each week is a little daunting

Lady in red said...

Mel luckily my back seems ok it is more my leg although I do know from painfl experience that a problem in my back can manifest itself in leg pain.

He seems to be suitably impressed.

Lady in red said...

DS as painful as it is I do find that the more I walk the easier it gets providing I don't walk too much. I am sure it is though a result of not doing enough walking in my everyday life these days.

Anonymous said...