Wednesday, 25 February 2009

The fourth floor

This is week two of my three consecutive four day weeks.

Last week I took a day off because I was being lazy about making alternative arrangements for getting too and from work whilst my car was in for its MOT.

Today though I didn't do a lot. I had a lie in, instead of getting up at 6am I got up at 8am instead. It was very strange seeing all my boys getting ready for their day, most days they are just stirring when I leave the house. I drove a bit, took a slight detour when I missed a road sign at a roundabout. But we still arrived on time. Climbed a few stairs (why put a meeting place on the fourth floor?). As a reward there were cups of tea followed by a trip back down the stairs. A chance to sit down as the lectures began but shortly after the first lecture we were seperated.

Within a minute of leaving the lecture room a woman latched onto me (she is from a cathederal city to the east of where I work). We stuck together for the short tour then back up to the fourth floor room where we had started. Here we found a tasty buffet laid out for us as we sat and chatted in small groups. Following the refreshments we were treated to more lectures on a variety of important topics like finance, employment and accommodation.

At the end of the lectures we were split into groups and trailed around being shown such facilities as library, laundrette, shops, computer labs, nightclub, shared accomodation blocks. Finally after a walk that took us up and down hill, up and down many flights of stairs, we reached our finishing point, the original starting place at the top of four flights of stairs! Here we were reunited and released from our groups to make our way back to our homes.

By now traffic had built up and we spent miles just creeping along the tarmac, we did take a wrong turn at another roundabout but my own personal living breathing satnav found us a route back to the A31 by way of several country lanes which included the village featured in the tv series that spanned a number of years, a decade ago 'The Village'. Eventually we made it home, tired and weary.

Did I mention that the maths dept was on the fourth floor!!

Next week we do it all again only we will be visiting Warwick University, it will be interesting to see how that compares with University of Surrey where we were today.


Mel said...

Busy, busy woman......though the 'lie in' sounds like a good deal.


Anonymous said...

You'll enjoy Warwick Uni, trust me. *laughs*

Fire Byrd said...

Good uni Warwick, one of K's best friends went there had a great time and came out with a double first....

nitebyrd said...

After climbing all those stairs, you might not have the energy for the "tag" I've honored you with! LOL

Dark Side said...

They do always say you need a comfy pair of shoes when you go visiting Universities...xx

Fat Controller said...

You're talking about my old turf now! I lived for years in the shadow of Surrey University (my father was a lecturer there) and as for 'the village', I know most of the pubs straddling the A31 around there, having also lived in the heart of 'watercress country'.

Anonymous said...