Thursday, 19 February 2009

Community Project

I am at home today having a much needed rest. My car is with my friendly local mechanic, currently costing me more money than I have in the bank until payday next week. It failed its MOT !! needing two new tyres(they looked good to me when I checked earlier in the week) plus something about front brakes needing to be released. The brakes work just fine but he won't know until hes had a look what the problem is so current running total nearing £160+.

So while I am at home without my car I have been busy on the phone.

Last night ET arrived home after visiting ..................... 'a girl' after his college day finished. It was quite late I was in bed by the time he came in. He has been requested by the leaders and other members of his course to make use of my contacts. Next week they are doing a Community Project. They will be working on the garden of a Community Centre, half of them gardening the others painting the fences. I have managed to get some paint brushes donated and have made enquiries using my contacts from work to get them some paint. I am currently working on finding someone to donate some garden hand tools ie trowels.

As I said to ET several weeks ago isn't always what you know but who you know. He didn't believe me but maybe now he will.

Oh and going against the rules of dating, with the encouragement of a man (some of you know this blogger) I have asked Kama out on a date, all we need to do now is find the time to fit it in.