Sunday, 5 October 2008


Last night I was removed

When I got home from my weird day at work I came online. I had only been there a few minutes when LV wanted to chat. At the end of the conversation he invited me out for dinner on Saturday evening to cheer me up.

I spent Saturday morning writing a fantasy for Paulo which I then emailed to him. Then I wrote to Romeo telling him how hurt I am that he has become so distant. What I could have done was stayed silent myself and just waited to see how long it would take him to notice. But to my mind that is playing games something I vowed never to do in this relationship. I promised him at the start that if there is ever anything I am not happy about then I will tell him. That way I won't be letting little things fester until they become big problems. So now I have told him that I feel hurt. I have told him that I have been getting attention from elsewhere but he is still the only one I want. I have made my position clear. What I have not done is made any ultimatums.

I feel better for telling him how I feel now it is up to him to make an effort.

Later I went into town to buy new school shoes for JA, to my horror he showed me his shoes earlier in the week one of them only has half the sole left. so I bought him two pairs so that should keep him going for a while until the next time his feet have out grown his shoes. I also got myself a new pair of smart black shoes for work. Even though I didn't get into the shopping centre until 4.40 (they close at 5pm) and didn't venture further than the first half dozen shops I still managed to go in three shops and spend about £50.

Back home a quick chat with LV then off to the chip shop a treat for the boys as I was going out. Little did I know that not only was the shop heaving with customers but they were also doing an order for 40 people!!! this is a small family run shop with one girl serving. But she was taking everyone's orders as she waited for the food to be cooked so it ran quite smoothly, I was quite impressed with the way she managed to keep the orders going.

Back home I dumped the food in the kitchen and told the boys to go sort it themselves while I changed out of my wet joggers into my red skirt, red tights and one of my purchases of the day a new cream blouse with flower shaped glass buttons. I just had time to phone Hector to wish him a happy birthday. It has been a while since we chatted so it was good to catch up with him. Hes leaving his job in January after 28 years. Hes going to be setting up a new venture with a friend and will probably be moving down to London so no excuses we will have to meet up when hes down here. Its nice that we have the kind of friendship that we can go for months with no contact then just pick up where we left off the kind of friendship where we will always be mates. Just for once when I call him Hector on here it is also the name I use for him in RL (not his real name but the name I use anyway it started out as a joke and has continued, no one else ever calls him that).

A few minutes later my lift arrived to carry me away for the evening, I was being removed from my computer. LV is very pleasant company and I feel honoured that he wanted to travel in bad weather to take me out for the evening. We went to the pub where I had lunch with my mum a while ago. It has changed a lot since the days when I went there a lot with my husband and small boys. It has been given a more upmarket ake over but I think it has lost a lot of the character.

The food was ok but not brilliant but we were given the wrong steaks. I had asked for well done but got rare, the first bite was ok a bit pink but when I got to the bit that still had blood in it no thanks that just isn't my cup of tea, so we swapped. When we were asked if everything was ok

LV told the waitress that we had been given the wrong steaks and that the food was tough but he wasn't after a refund of fresh food etc. When the next waitress came to clear away our plates she wanted us to have desserts free of charge but we were both full so declined.

LV wanted to visit my favourite view so we went up onto the hill, with the wind and the rain we couldn't see much, we could see all the lights of the city below but it wasn't easy to pick out anything. After chatting for a while LV drove me back home. There was a surreal moment as we were sat at traffic lights and I was thinking about Romeo, out of the blue LV says 'Do you know where Romeo is now?' We had both noticed a jag drive passed and it had made us both think of Romeo.

When I got in I went up to bed, as I lay there listening to the rain I fired up my laptop which took so long to load that I had just opened an email when I fell asleep. This morning I had too messages saying 'your up late' and 'what are you doing up at this time?' The second one left at 2.23am was from Neptune who I have not spoken to for a few months although I have seen him come and go on msn a few times.


Elaine said...

I really hope Romeo gets back to you. You were right to say can't live your life not knowing what the hell's going on and where you stand. Have some fun and enjoy yourself. If he wants you to be exclusive, he'll have to make much more of an effort I think. x

MarmiteToasty said...

I to am glad you said something, my worry is that he is using you, ya see, when love is young and sweet ya wanna talk and phone and text and email every minute of the day, and to not of heard for so long, well, to me thats a HUGE red flag......

Glad you got out and enjoyed yourself, that old pub looks wonderful..

Happy wet Sunday..


Anonymous said...

Apologies for being so blunt before but you seem like a good sort! Glad you have communicated your feelings to Romeo. You are worth more.

Rae!xx said...

Pleased to hear you have contacted Romeo and let him know your feelings. He is not really being fair on you.


Mel said...

<--still trying to figure out what "Last night I was removed" means. LOL

Yeah, I get stuck on the silliest things.....

Honesty is the best policy. People can't read minds--or maybe they can and I'm the only non-mind reader out there?
You've said what's true for you--and for me, that's matter how uncomfortable I/the other person becomes.....

Giggle! said...

Whats up with Romeo? Why is he being so distant!!

BTW you sooo should have doggie bagged the free deserts! :-P

(Says the very pregnant, chocolate craving gal!) *GiGGLeS* xx

cheekydani said...

Hi Lady,

I think you're being extremely patient with Romeo. I agree though, there comes a point where it's no longer fair to not be in touch - no matter what the reason. With all the technology around us these days, there's no excuse not to contact someone. Especially someone you're in a relationship with. Don't give him forever, you don't have to tell him the ultimatum, but keep it in your head and if he doesn't step up, you have every reason to walk away without question.


cheekydani said...

PS Yes what is the removed stuff about?!

Anonymous said...