Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Bloody contractors grrrrrrrrrr

Yesterday we woke up to a sharp frost (it took longer to scrape the frost off my car than I had expected). During the day the sun was bright and warm as it came through the window onto my back. However on the way home the rain began and by the time I reached home it was raining quite hard.

During the later part of the evening I was in my room chatting on my laptop with some of my blog friends. My curtains were billowing in the wind and I was quite cold even with the heating on. Which reminded me that I had not heard from the housing association about the repairs I ahd asked for. I know they had received my email as I had also asked for an uptodate schedule of my rent payments which I received over a week ago in the post.

This morning before work could get busy I rang the Housing Association to remind them that I am still waiting for my shower to be repaired and my bedroom window. But because these are both old repair requests she had to make new repair requests. As if I care whether she writes new report or sticks tot he old ones I just want the repairs done!!.

Later I got a phone call booking an appointment for the contractor to look at my window next friday morning. So I asked if that was for the shower as well. 'No thats a different specialist'. I have now booked a day off on Friday 7th (no point in going to work on a Friday afternoon). My holiday request has been accepted.

Later I got another call from the contractor to book an appointment for the electrician to come and look at my shower.

'couldn't he come on Friday?'
'No, different contractor'.
'the appointment is for Monday 3rd November in the afternoon'
'Can he come late afternoon?'
'He will be there between 12noon and 6pm'
'I have taken a day off work on Friday'
'He will be there Monday afternoon any time after 12.'
'That means I have to leave work by 11.30 and he might not be there until 6pm!!'

I am not happy..............why can the electrician not move his appointment back to Friday? If he is making appointments for Monday surely he is not booked up for Friday.

So now I have to take Monday afternoon and Friday off work for my shower and window to be looked at. They will then have to make other appointments to do the repair work ....... who thinks that they won't be able to co-ordinate their appointments to coincide then either.

Between these calls my mum rang, she had been to the dr's for her dressing to be changed. (one of her friends took her). Apparently while she was there she had her 'flea jab' well thats what I heard, but I realised she must have said flu. I have been requested to call round to take her laundry upstairs for her and she thinks she has some other errands for me but couldn't remember what. She is recovering from this operation well and thinks she will soon be off doing the things she could only dream of for the last few years.

Some of you have been a little concerned about me for a couple of days as I have been feeling low about the situation with Romeo. The last time I heard from him he said he was in Far East for 2 weeks, it has now been 3.5 weeks since I heard from him so naturally I have been concerned. This evening I am feeling more positive and believe that I will hear from him soon and everything will be good.


Rae!xx said...

It would be far too easy to expect it all done in one day as I have found in the past, fingers crossed they actually make it on the day they have said.

Good to hear you are in a better place tonight (((hugs))) xx

Lady in red said...

thanks rae and thanks for being there last night

oh and I forgot to tell you that while we were chatting I got invited out for a drink in a couple of weeks time.

Wild Cat said...

It's depressing isn't it? I've just found out that I need my internal gas pipes replced - at my costs - F*ck knows how much that'll cost! Bang goes our nice Xmas!!!!

Fire Byrd said...

And my sodding car cost me £550 for some knob's handywork....
Glad your mum's fleas are sorted!!
And more importantly your feeling in a better space

having my cake said...

It must be a man thing. If it was women running the organisation, Im sure they'd have this type of problem sorted. I mean, it isnt rocket science is it. Grrrrr :)

Trixie said...

I know what you mean about contractors... I've been waiting MONTHS to get a new toilet seat and my curtain rails being put back up!

MarmiteToasty said...

One consilation, you dont have to pay for the repairs........ Im in the middle of gutting our bathroom... its costing me a fortune.....

And dont you just hate having to take time off waiting all day for a builder or plumber to arrive and they usually come late afternoon.....


Mel said...



I'm glad for the mom's healing...and for your feeling better.

But contractors--are busy folks.

(was the kindest thing I could think of saying .....LOL)


Andrea Wh@tever said...

i can feel my blood pressure rise each time i have to wait for contractors. so for simple jobs like replacing a faucet etc, i will look up my indispensable DIY manual, get the necessary stuff from the DIY shop; roll up my sleeves and get down to doing it.

happy halloween!

aka k said...

Rocket science is quite simple, actually.

somebody said...