Friday, 31 October 2008

love and hate phones

I really need to get my shower fixed. All the time it isn't working I am struggling to get to work on time. Take this morning, I ran my bath as usual but a little earlier, I was confident that I would be at work earlier today, but once I was in that tub of hot soapy water I just relaxed down into the fragrant bubbles, it was heaven to just lay there as my hands moved over my body rubbing and smoothing, finding each crevice as I washed myelf. I was so relaxed that I didn't notice the time ticking past, all too fast it was time to get out and I hadn't even washed my hair. So again I wasn't early to work.

We got paid today so the first thing I did was to pay my phone bill. Having done this ?I have been switching my phone on and off all day in the hope that the bar will soon be lifted. At one point I realised that my phone had been turned off for most of the morning. Turning it on I was suprised when it rang.

'is that mrs LiR?'
'I'm contractor from ******'
'oh yes you are coming to see my window next friday'
'no today, the appointment is for 10.46am today'
'it's next week, friday 7th Nov.'
'it's today 10.46'
'thats very precise, they just say between 8am to 1pm, but I have booked next friday off work not this friday!'
'Don't worry I will come back next week if you are nice to me'
'what do you mean by nice? a cup of coffee?'

we then talked about the window, what it is like and what the problem is. He has said that when he comes next week he will take the window off its hinge, secure it shut and take the hinge so he can get a match for it.

It was quiet in the office today and the girls were killing themselves laughing at me as I talked to window man. I told him that I had only just turned the phone on so I must be psychic and knew he was about to phone me.

I turned my phone off again for a few minutes. This time when I turned it back on it was my mum on the phone. She had been taken to have her stitches removed. The nurse cut the end off the continuous stich then pulled. The stitch was coming away nicely until it was 3/4 of the way out. Then it got stuck and started to become painful. Mum said she could grit her teeth whilst the nurse finshed pulling it out. But it was stuck fast and wasn't going anywhere. So it was decided that she would go back to the hospital to get it looked at. When she got there the dr looked at it then at her notes and said that the nurse was only meant to cut the ends off its a disolvable stitch!! He trimmed the stitch as close to the wound as he could and put a new plaster on it.

During the course of the day I flirted with a few of the customers, the girls thought I was hilarious. At one point Bob was hanging around whilst I was on the phone, he asked our new girl.

'has she been like this all day?'
What they all fail to realise is that I am like this everyday, its just that they heard me today as it was so quie in the rest of the office.

Tonight JA needed a lift to the village so he could go trick or treating with his pals. He wanted me to collect him at about 9pm. But at about 8.20 he phoned home asking if he could sleep over at B's.
'can you fetch me so I can get my things then bring me back'
'no, tell me what you want and I will bring it to you.'
'it would be better if you take me home then bring me back'
'I will bring your things'
'you are making it complicated'
'no you are'
'but I need my bike'
'so I can ride home in the morning'.


Rae!xx said...

Hey naughty, you didn't tell me you flirted with the window man you have your phone back now and hope you sorted JA out too..xx

Fire Byrd said...

Well at least if he has his bike you can perhaps get a lie in!
Love the fact that the office have only just discovered what a flirt you are!

Lady in red said...

rae that wasn't intentional it just happened. Of course the more the other two were laughing the more it encouraged me. Besides I really do want to get my window fixed asap and if that means making sure the contractor will want to come over and do the work then why not.

my phone is still incoming calls/text only grrrr I shall have to ring them and complain as it has been over 24 hrs. It was turned off all night when I turned it on there was a text from DC
'bollock mustard' I'm guessing the party he was at was going well and he was drunk.

Lady in red said...

fire yes I did get a lie in which is good as I really do need to rest my eye it is quite sore at the moment even though I a applying antibiotic ointment if anything my left eye has got worse.

As for the office my boss is well aware of my flirting and encourages it (she was out of the office all day). BG has in the past shouted across the office 'shes a real flirt that one'. I guess Bob has never really heard me much because he is in another office. I did warn the new girl when she started that I flirt on the phone. It was only because the phones were quiet most of the day which meant everyone could hear me.

The funniest one was the old guy from Cornwall (as Bob says he sounds about 80) he was not only being a flirt on the phone but with a customer in the background too. I wish I knew how to put the phone on speaker.

Mel said...

Oh my gosh......the poor mom....

But I am glad for some of the phone working?
At least she could ring--and at least you've got the window dude entertaining you?

Yeah yeah.....LOL
But's all good!
'Cept for the stitches part.

DJ Kirkby said...

Urk, your poor mom. Perhaps your JA will take his bike with him in the first place next time? That would save you a trip both ways! Why do I think you'll be having a good old flirt on the 7th?

Elaine said...

Ouch...I feel for your Mum :(

Good for you! Flirt away only live once! x

cheekydani said...

Oh a little flirt does everything to boost the confidence, how lovely :) x

Anonymous said...