Friday, 3 October 2008

Some days are just weird

Having jumped back into bed for that last 15 minutes snuggled under my duvet before the alarm went off, I really shouldn't be suprised that I slept through the alarm. Finally emerging from my slumber my eyes focussed on the clock that was telling me it was almost 7am. OMG I overslept again, quickly trying to gauge the weather, working out what to wear to the office today. Whilst I am rushing o get myself ready the teens pass my door asking why I didn't wake them they are now having to rush to get to the train......simple I didn't wake them because I hadn't woken myself and how come they expected me to wake them I only wake the baby monster, it just so happens that the teens share a room with the monster.

Travelling to work it is as though everyne is on a go slow today. Most annoying I seem to always get stuck behind the obstinate driver who won't go faster than slow but won't move over to the slow lane either. I get stuck in a queue of traffic doing 40mph on the slip road to exit the dual carriageway. I am normally doing nearer to 80 on that stretch.

Work is strange today. I really should have stayed in bed. First off Bob's compuer won't turn on so he is going to sit opposite me as there is a spare computer now that NL is nolonger with us. That computer takes an age to loadup. Mine is also taking forever (nothing unusual there it takes a good 10 to 12 minutes each morning). But I keep getting error messages, I reboot, but still get nowhere it seems that my computer is not connected to the server. We are playing a game of find the computer tht works. One of the ones in accounts has recently been repaired but doesn't yet have the company database reloaded. This week I have had 3 different people use the computer opposite me. It has been like musical chairs.

So we turn my computer off and I dive under my desk on my hands and knees checking that everything under the desk is plugged in and or conneced properly. I don't find anything that is loose but I seem to have done the trick as now my computer is working. considering I start at 8am I didn't get my computer system running properly until 8.35am grrrrr all that wasted time.

Add to this the agravation of a printer that has been getting increasingly troublesome. Printing the orders off becomes a night mare as the pges become creased and then the ink become smeared finally resulting in the paper concertina'd. We managed to redirect to another printer but it still took a while to reprint what had already been done.

Having recovered from these computer/printer problems my morning then gets disturbed by a glazier arriving to replace sealed units in the windows. He starts with the window just behind my head. He has to struggle to get the original units out as they are stuck fast. He talks of it being easier to take a hammer to the pannels. My first reaction is that he must warn me if he is going to do that so I can move out of the way. I then remember that my car is parked below my window. It doesn't come to that in the end, but his banging on the windows causes the spanish guy next door ( I forget what name I gave him) starts banging on the wall because the noise is disturbing him. By the way I have to say that although we are one person short work feels so much more relaxed this week now that the stress of having NL there has been lifted. Or perhaps that is down to the flirting that has been going on between me and Paulo. I spoke to him a couple of times today and exchanged a few hot text too.

The funniest thing was when he phoned me just before he shut up shop for the day. He apparently closes early on a Friday allowing his staff to go home at 3.30pm. He was telling me what he was doing to me in his imagination, just at that moment Bob was stood right by my desk as he was moving the desks into the middle of the room, (we have decorators in over the weekend). Being mischevious I told Paulo that I had his call on speaker phone. How bad would that have been not just because of what he was saying but he has a distinctive voice so anyone in sales who heard it would have known who it was, he is popular among the sales team.

Thinking of strange things, when Paulo was chatting to me the other afternoon as I drove home his phone battery was about to run out, he got cut off but then rang me back, oddly his battery was showing as fully charged when he rang back and he had no more problems with it. This morning he tried to pay his takings into an ATM but they were all out of order. when he got to his shop there was no power, he was trying to find out what was wrong (he doesn't know what he was doing as he doesn't have a clue about electricity.) Suddenly the electricity came back on, but he discovered that the whole area had lost its power and his shop was the only place with power back on at that time 7.30am. It was when he said it was 7.30 that I remembered that that was the time I got a 'good morning sexy x ' text. He said yes he had given up on the power and text me then the power came back on. How weird is that?

After the furniture had been moved and all that wasn't being used was covered by dust sheets it did look odd trying to work from the middle of the room surrounded by plastic sheeting, the vertical blinds were removed from the windows. This meant that I had the sun shining directly on not just my back making me very hot but also right across my monitor so I couldn't see anything on the screen. My cue to leave earlier than normal.

As far as Paulo goes I have decided that I am enjoying the flirting but thats as far as it will go, he is lovely and I am more than a little flattered but he is not for me and to do any more than flirt would be out of the question for me. My heart is with Romeo and to do more than flirt with Paulo is not worth the heartache it would cause me. Even if I thought I could get away with having a fling and Romeo wouldn't know, I couldn't do it. I trust Romeo to be faithful to me so I need to stay faithful to him. I am enjoying what is going on with Paulo but at the end of the day it is still Romeo that I want. I have to keep faith in him. Things might not be quite as I would wish with him right now but you can't choose who to fall in love with.


Anonymous said...

Nah. There is no excuse for total lack of contact in today's techy connected age.Internet;Text;Phone etc.

Methinks Romeo is not as serious as you about your relationship.

Why do women always wait for men?


Mei Del said...

i won't give you anymore food for thought this weekend. just chiming in that naughty texts are delish - the darling believes that women of a certain age become wanton ... now where could he have got that impression?

Lady in red said...

anon I really don't know what he is playing at any more. I just know that until I get to talk to him properly I can't give up on him.

why do women wait? perhaps we are conditioned that way.

Lady in red said...

mei could you ask your darling when I will stop being that certain age is my time for being wanton running out?

Mel said...


Anonymous said...

I don't know why, but it is comforting to hear someone else describe the same crazy stuff that you can relate to. I don't know what it is LIR, but the world has just been so weird and crazy over the last two days. Your description here matches my Thursday. Here's too a blissful weekend for us both!

nitebyrd said...

I think it's a good decision to enjoy what Paulo is offering. There's nothing wrong with feeling sexy and desirable, is there?

Anonymous said...