Tuesday, 21 October 2008


warning don't read if you are squeamish!

Today was the day, today was written on the calendar in big red letters .......Mum's Knee op.

Today I phoned the hospital to ask if mum was back from theatre.

It was lunchtime so I was sure she would have had her op by now.

I was very suprised when they passed the phone to mum, she hadn't gone down yet and was starving after nothing since midnight apart from 'a gallon of tea at 6.30am'. She asked me to tell her friends not to visit her tonight. Her friend who took her in yesterday was going to visit with another friend. So I rang her to say that mum had not had her op yet so wouldn't be able to see anyone.

I rang the hospital again at about three just to make sure and yes she was in theatre by then. What a relief I know mum would have been so bitterly upset if she had to put up with this pain until another date could be scheduled.

I rang again at about 6pm as I was waiting for my prescription (I have been suffering from eye infections for some time although apart from my eyelids being red they were not bothering me too much. I figured it was down to me rubbing my eyes when our cat gets too close. ) I had finally made a dr's appointment.

To my suprise the phone was again passed to mum. Three hours earlier she was being operated on and now they were handing the phone to her!!! She had not been fully put under for this op, having an epidural, she had been drifting in and out during the op. She could hear lots of hammering and when she heard what sounded like a circular saw she wanted the screen moved so she could watch!!!! ewww how grisley and yes marmie I do remember you taking pics of your op. Anyway as it turned out they didn't need to do a complete replacement of her replacement knee, just replacing the plastic piece in the middle of the joint, also taking away a piece of bone that had grown where it shouldn't have done plus a bit more of a tidy up in there. (this was her 4th op on this knee in 5 years). Only my mum and perhaps marmie too would ask for te bit they removed but it had been thrown away. Can you believe she wanted to keep it as a souvenir. DC says he can't really imagine granny keeping her knee in a jar on the shelf.

On the phone she sounded on the verge of tears but she said she is fine just still feeling the effects of the aneasthetic. She has been bored so can't wait for me to bring her a book tomorrow, she already read one book and half another, but she did say she has been people watching and has lots to tell me about. I can't wait lol.

Tomorrow is OJ's day, my little scholar will be 18. He and DC will be playing five a side football tomorrow night, I have a feeling they will be having a pint afterwards. DC has been waiting for his little brother to be old enough to have a drink with him. He has plans for the two of them to do pub quizzes together.

update on charlie's mum. She is having an MRI scan tomorrow, she has type 2 cancer and is booked in for surgery to have her breast removed next wednesday. DC spent sat evening with the family they had several chats about it and are feeling positive which I know is a good thing. She has several lmps and the largest one has roots rather like an octopus according their description.


Mei Del said...

sending positive thoughts for your mum's recovery x

and your DC, he's probably expecting to clean up at pub quizzes with the help of his scholarly bro?

and more postive thoughts for DC's gf's mum xx

DJ Kirkby said...

Oh my there is so much going on Chez LiR at the mo! Good luck with coping with it all, I expect you'll need a month's hol soon. Hope Dc holding up well as his gf sure is going to need his strength.

MarmiteToasty said...

Hugs and much love to your mum, so glad they didnt have to do another complete replacement, hoping and keeping fingers crossed that this one will sort out all the pain etc.....

I LOVE the photos of my op lol.... the only thing I was cross about is that I forgot to ask for all the big bits of bone they removed lol.....

HAPPY BIRTHDAY OJ for tomorrow..... PARTY TIME :)

Whatever you do, just please be safe....


Mel said...

Happy happy birthday birthday!!

And omgosh, I hope the mom's fairing well today......

*sending prayers and positive thoughts all the way around*

Anonymous said...

wishing your mom a quick recovery... altho' i am not so sure about keeping part of the knee as a souvenir *eeeeuuuowww*

Fire Byrd said...

wanted to write nice things about your mum and son, but got to the last paragraph and it took my breathe away.
We think we can deal with all this stuff then something sets it all off again.
just remember to look after yourself too my friend in all this caring for others around you.
hugs xx

Rae!xx said...

Happy birthday to OJ, hope you all have a lovely day.

(((hugs))) for mum, knees are painful bless her!!...xx

Giggle! said...

Hugs to your Mumma!


Anonymous said...