Saturday, 11 October 2008

Positive moves

This week I have chosen the new person I shall be working with (I assume she hasn't turned it down).

PB and Boss lady have been interviewing for a replacement for the disaster that was NL. On monday they were out of the office for a couple of hours, apparently at the recruitment office to quickly see some interviewees. I guess this is a bit like speed dating only its speed interviewing hee hee. What ever will they think of next.

So on Thursday afternoon they had two interviews lined up. PB tells me to watch out for them and see what I think (her money is in the second one). Before the interviewees arrive I have spoken to Boss lady about, making sure we get someone who can take messages, can read etc. This time after each interview they were brought over and introduced to me so I could tell them about the job and get an idea of what each of them is like. The first one seemed nice, probably a little younger than me, confident, we talked about taking phone messages etc. The second one possibly a little older also seemed nice, we talked about other aspects of the job. After they had gone I was asked my opinion, afterall which ever one they chose will have to work closely with me so we need to be able to get on. I said which one I preferred although being asked outright on the spot without a chance to think about it I wasn't really able to give much of a reason, later I could.

On friday I asked Boss lady if she was still interviewing or has she made a decision,

'I have offered the job to the second one'

So I have got my way, I only hope now that I am right in my instincts as I know nothing about either of them, I just based my choice on a five minute conversation.

Today I spent 6 hours in a classroom. a while a go I mentioned that I wanted to do an evening class but couldn't decide what to do. With my grandfather dying and various other things like a lack of money at the crucial time I didn't enrol on any of the classes. However I did decide to try a few of the weekend taster classes. To my consternation the ones I wanted to do were mostly on the same day and there were only a few days to choose from. I finally came up with a plan to do belly dancing on sat 4th October and NLP on sat 11th. But last week I was in a bit of a state and never got around to doing the belly dancing.

But today I did do the NLP session. There were 11 of us in total mostly women but there were 3 men. during the day we had to work in pairs on various excercises (a new partner each time), not sure how it worked out that way but I worked with all three of the men. Keen Kev the driving instructor who had trouble with most of the excercises. Marvelous Matt the half polish auditor and Prospect Paul the shiatsu master. Most of what we learnt served merely to confirm what I was already aware of. Much of what we were being taught to do to improve our lives were things I began doing last year and some before that even.

One thing that I did discover was that I don't seem to be afraid of speaking out infront of a group any more. I even volunteered a comments a few times, no blushing, no watery eyes or stammering. So different to how I was a year ago in my writing class. I think it is a combination of the confidence I have gained since I began this job and the confidence Romeo gave me as talking with him allowed me to believe in myself.


Mei Del said...

can't wait to hear about the belly dancing classes! although i must admit i can't wait to hear what else nlp classes can do improve an already confident lady in red!

Glimmer Man said...

OK, I am so much of a nerd... clued in and got excited about NLP before the belly dancing... {hanging head in shame}


Mel said...

Ohhhhh......I'll be interested to see how the instincts panned out!


Lady in red said...

I didn't do the belly dancing!!

the confidence LiR has can always be made stronger after all this new found confidence is just that 'new'

Lady in red said...

glimmer welcome and there is no need to be ashamed.

I take it you have an interest in nlp

Lady in red said...

mel I don't know yet when the new lady will be starting but I do hope my instinct works out

Anonymous said...