Wednesday, 1 April 2009

On Days like this

Driving home along the motorway tonight I was thinking about how lucky I am. My health is fairly good. (the problems with my leg a few weeks ago a mere memory now).

Some mornings like yesterday everything is painted pastel colours of pink, blue and pale grey as the sun tries to break through the early clouds. To me the pastel colours are beautiful. But having said that so are the bronze tinged colours of mornings like today when the sun has already emerged. Driving home into the sun with the blue of the sea spread out ahead of me as my journey takes me west fills me with joy. It is the warm spring days like today that I love. Everything seems so much better on these warm sunny days.

Work is going well at the moment (it isn't all rosey but close enough). I am enjoying the challenges I have set for myself. I still get frustrated that some people seem to find the simplest things so difficult to understand but for the most part our small team are getting on well.

I have several men in my life although none are serious. There is the sweet Plumber, the more high powered Golf, Luigi (you have yet to hear about him) Kama who has been away but returned today, but also the object of my lust, Thomas.

I feel as though life is good and can only get better.


nitebyrd said...

I'm happy for you! :D

Anonymous said...

..object of my lust I love this phrase. *grins*

Mei Del said...

that is good to hear, lady xx

Fire Byrd said...

What a wonderful pic, beautiful.
So great to know that life is being good to you right now.

Mel said...

Oh how I love the brilliant sunrises and sunsets.

<-- about to go watch one now!

Happy day to you, ma'am.

Dark Side said...

Can't tell you how pleased I am for you, if anyone deserves it you do...xx

Anonymous said...