Thursday, 23 April 2009


Is it classed as a date then when Plumber came round this afternoon?

I have had a busy day, 5 yes 5 men turned up on my doorstep at 7.35am. The head man explained what they would be doing then they got down to ripping out the old boiler, the water heater and some of the radiators. I had only just begun to do the sink full of washing u that has been staring at me for days when they turned the water off. Ok I had a sink full of soapy water so that wasn't a problem but when they wanted to run the cold tap into my sink of soapy water I had to give in and let out my soapy water to make room for the horrid cold water.

I brought my laptop downstairs so that I could listen to the radio and start doing some work on my spreadsheets for my project at the office. The electricity was turned off. There was nothing for it but to make my first visit to the amenity tip. I have never seen it so quiet there.

After I returned the electricity came back on, I was waiting for my laptop to sort itself out as it wasn't very happy about its battery running out. I noticed that Golf was online so I did something I very rarely do, I initiated a conversation (actually I often initiate our conversations ~ he feels honoured for some reason). Plumber phoned me while I was chatting to Golf (that became a little confusing for me). Having similar conversations but at different speeds is not the easiest thing to do. Later it was Forest who was chatting (first by text then when I got back online by IM). He wanted to see me tonight but I had to decline as I knew that after just 2 hours sleep last night I was going to be very tired tonight.

Both the water and electricity were turned off at different times forcing me to sit and read for a while. It was at about 2.20pm that the head engineer came to tell me that they were finished and he wanted to explain where everything was and how it works. I know what time it was because it was just at that moment that Plumber phoned me.

Where are you?

At home ........why where are you?

Outside looking at your knickers

Lol Ok I will be right there

He was at the back of the house while I was at the front door saying goodbye to engineers. Plumber had come round to cut back the long grass, nettles and brambles that make up the main part of my back garden. He also had a look at the space I have made for the dishwasher he has got for me. He needs t make a few adjustments before it will fit but he says it won't be a problem. I left him to get started on my garden while I finally got stuck into the washing up and cleaning my kitchen.

But when I looked back outside I was horrified. The brambles were still in tact but he had tackled the nettles and grass but he was chopping down the clematis that was just coming into flower (I have been growing it for 12 years). He then moved over to the other side of the garden and cut down my other clematis, honeysuckle, broom and ballerina rose bush. He was methodically stripping everything out of my garden. I don't think he saw me pouting. Oh well I shall just have to start from scratch again.

I need to get all the greenery that he has cut down chopped into small pieces so that it can be bagged up and taken to the tip. Plumber was here for about 2 hours in all and we managed to get quite a bit done in the garden so I guess that does count as a date sort of so I am going to include it in my tally.

I had to dash off at 4.30 because I had made a Dr's appointment for JA as he has been experiencing pains in his legs. I had figured that he has Osgood Slatters Disease which I was pleased to hear the Dr confirm. As he was examining JA's knees I couldn't help noticing that in recent years this Dr has become a little portly. Watching him with his curly hair reminded me of Elliot Hope in Holby City.

I couldn't find the photo of my clematis in full bloom but here it is covered in snow last April so you will have an idea of the sorry state it was in after the gales had done their worst.


Anonymous said...

I've been enjoying your blog for several months now and I always think of you as a strong confident woman, so I have to ask--why didn't you stop him wrecking your garden. It sounds so lovely-clematis and honeysuckle--and just coming into flower. I am sooo sorry that I am going to pout with you!!

Casdok said...

Such a shame about the flowers. All sounds very frustrating!

nitebyrd said...

Will the bushes grow back? Did he severely prune them or just destroy them? It was very nice of Plumber to help clear out the garden, though. I'd count it as a date if you gave him a kiss!

Lady in red said...


it was a bit too late to stop him cutting down the clematis after he had cut through the main stalk about 6" from the ground. I am sure it will grow back. What I hadn't said was that a large part of it had fallen from the fence and needed to be tied back it also had quite a few briars of rose and bramble tangled with it. So perhaps a it was just as well to cut everything right down and let it start again. If I can find it I will post a photo of it in bloom.

Lady in red said...


my garden really does need a complete overhaul so although I am sorry to see these plants cut down I am not too worried about it.

Lady in red said...

nitebyrd he has severly pruned them I don't think they are destroyed. As you so rightly guessed I did kiss him :-)

Dark Side said...

I think he was maybe right to cut it all down if it was all taffled up, I do hope it grows back even better and more well trained.

Good to hear you have a new boiler at last too...have a fun weekend!..xx

MarmiteToasty said...

The clematis will probably be glad of the cutting back if its all overgrown and tangled amongst everything else......

I love my garden with a passion, you wait until you get yours sorted, you will wonder why its taken you so long :)..

happy pruning..


Mel said...

Ohhhhh--a good cutting back is a good thing,

He didn't uproot it. It'll come back! GROW little plants, GROW!!

But if pouting got you some mushy moments....LOL...pout away!

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