Sunday, 19 April 2009

Highs and Lows

After a bad start to my birthday it did improve a little, whilst I was driving home from shopping (my mundane life doesn't stop for something as simple as birthday) I got a text. It was from Bovril (married man). He was going out for a while would I like to catch up? So 40 minutes later I parked up in the same old car park. He must have seen me drive up as he was very quick to climb into my passenger seat. I hadn't seen Bovril since New Years Eve 2007 so although we have chatted online in the last month we still had a lot of catching up to do. (just small talk really). We probably chatted for about half an hour before we both drove off in different directions. So that was date 1 with Bovril 10/80 in total.

Once back home I changed into some fresh clothes as I was going to dinner with my mum. She had cooked salmon steaks which I have not had for years. I got 3 books some money and my 2nd birthday card (the 1st was from work). I didn't stay very late as I was feeling weary and knew I had to be up early next day to drive to Cotswolds.

After stopping on the way to get some provisions from a farm shop we finally arrived at my grandmother's home about 12.30pm. Greetings over, kettle boiled and decisions made about what to cook for lunch we were able to relax briefly. We gathered that my grandmother's best friend was coming over in the afternoon (she arrived just as we were finishing our meal). So the four of us sat around the table for the next hour. Angie delighted in showing us some of her craftwork including various items of beadwork. She also took the opportunity (while grandmother was out of the room) to swap address and phone numbers with mum.

My mum and my cousin (my dad's cousin) have both been getting increasingly worried about grandmother, Angie has too. It seems that the one person who should be most concerned (but isn't) is my Aunt. She lives in Germany and doesn't seem to think there is any need to worry about her mother. Apparently she was cross when she visited at New Year because her mother looks much younger than 90.

Over the last few years my grandmother (she doesn't have altzeimers) has been having increasing problems with saying nouns. People, places objects all escape her. For the two days we were there I was 'this one' my aunt was 'the one married to the german' Angie was 'the one who lives in that place where I lived before'. She was trying to say something about the place my grandfather was buried 15 yrs ago, she could give directions but not name the place or the roads.

She did tell us that she wouldn't mind giving up driving now. Mum has left a folder of information for my aunt regarding help her mother could get from Help The Aged. She could have someone to take her shopping or medical appointments etc. This business with her speech is both a little amusing but also frustrating (although when she is typing on her computer the names etc come with no problem). She was trying to explain something about her money and a man. We managed to work out that she knows this man but he doesn't work at the place where she gets her money (bank) but he did something with her money but it isn't working so its stopped now and hes getting her money back for her. We think hes a retired finacial advisor who invested her savings for her but with the current situation is cashing in her money before the losses get any worse.

On Monday morning I drove us out to a Farm shop/cafe that they have visited in the past for an early lunch, the sun came out which was nice after Sunday's drizzle, the view across the valley was stunning. We got back to the bungalow at 2pm but instead of going home as I had thought there was more chat, I was becoming tired and worried about driving home. But when we left at 4pm I was ok. I jokingly said I would have us home by 6.15pm (it would be nearer 7pm with me driving or 8pm with mother driving). I don't think I was driving particularly fast but we were back at my place at 6.20pm.

The next few days are a bit of a blur except that on wednesday I got a text from Plumber saying that hes got me a slimline dishwasher. One night when we were out I had mentioned that eventually when I can afford it I want to get a slimline dishwasher to go under my sink drainer. One of his mates is having a completely new kitchen fitted and he is helping him. He has asked his mate who has said I can have it. yayyyyyyyyyy

Thursday was a busy day, Not only did my bedroom window get fixed (I had been told back in November when it was measured up, that it would be done before xmas!!) I can now close my bedroom window for the first time in about 5 or 6 years, (I did originally ask for it to be fixed 3 yrs ago after SF moved out). But on the same day a heating engineer came out to survey the house to find a suitable place to put a new boiler as my Baxi boiler is finally being replaced. (18 months after the engineer had recommended it needed replacing). Apparently according to OJ (I wasn't there) the new boiler needs to go on an outside wall ................all my outside walls are taken up with windows!! The engineer will also need the airing cupboard empty and half the radiators accessible. Not sure what he means by that as only one of the ones mentioned are not currently easily accessible.

I wasn't there for the survey because I had left work early to go to our local Premier League Football ground. There was a presentation being held in one of their hospitality rooms for ET's Princes Trust group. It was an entertaining time with each member of the group describing part of the course and also giving their personal statement about why they had joined and what they had got from it. I was very proud of my boy for being able to speak out clearly and appearing to be more confident than he was. At the end two of the lads dressed up as Sonny and Cher to sing to us.

On friday morning although I was fine when I got up by the time I was driving to work my eyes were very tired and I wanted to go to sleep as soon as I arrived in the office. It took me until lunch time to be fully awake but still weary. As I was leaving work DC text asking if I would be available to pick him up from work at 9pm (if I was awake I would). I was resting on my bed when Bovril began texting me so I turned my comuter on and chatted to him. He was at a loose end and did I fancy a burger up on the hill. The kids were sorted for their dinner and I hadn't decided on mine so I agreed to meet him at the pub for a quick drink. we sat in my car chatting for a while before I suggested that we realy did go inside for a drink. Fruit juice all round then DC text me ........ wake up :-) we only managed half an hour before I had to leave.
So that was date 2 with Bovril which is 11/80 in total so far.


Mel said...

You're just a busy woman--inbetween the 'mundane'!

How frustrating for the grandmother. And how frustrating when the one far away isn't relying on those closer to know what's what.

Fire Byrd said...

Why 80? Why not 100? or is that how many Dani had left of her 100 before she passed the baton to you?

Trixie said...

You are doing well on the dating front! My number? 0/80

Lady in red said...

Mel it seems I won't be getting much rest for a while.

Lady in red said...

Fire byrd 80 was the number that both Trixie and Dani had agreed on apart from which I wouldn't want to be too greedy

Lady in red said...

Trixie you did start off well though

Lady in red said...

Trixie you did start off well though

having my cake said...

Im with Firebyrd, 80 seems an odd number. Belated birthday greetings fellow Aries x

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