Wednesday, 15 April 2009

The wonder of Facebook

I was going to write a post about my day with Plumber, I was also going to write about my trip to The Cotswolds but before I can write either I feel compelled to write a very different post.

Along with quite a few of you I have a profile on facebook. I don't use facebook all that much, I have phases. Mostly in recent months I merely look to see what my friends have been upto, write a comment but don't get involved with all the application. I did though do the quiz to see what chocolate I was seeing as Queen Vixen had already done this one and was shown to be a snickers bar how could I resist. I am a twix bar apparently.

Through facebook I can keep up with what some of my blogger pals have been doing like Dani whilst she has been in australia although she hasn't been blogging much she has been posting comments and photos of her trip on facebook.

Recently I have had a fair number of friend requests from people I had lost touch with in my real life. A couple I knew before I met my husband for example. A woman I was very close to when our children were at the play group stage.

Today I had a new request from a woman I was very close to for years from when her son was two (he turned 19 this week). This woman is incredible. If I have had a tough life hers has been twice as tough. At the turn of the century she was just beginning to get a normal life back after a number of years helping to care for her mother who has been severly disabled both mentally and physically since a brain haemorage when she was in her early 40's. Her 10 year old son became very ill (he had lukemia). But even though she was caring for her sick mother and her very sick child as well as managing to cope with a pre school child, she still found time to talk me through my cancer.

We lost touch a couple of years ago when her marriage was in trouble, her husband blamed me. I was very worried about my friend but felt it best to keep out of the way until she felt it was safe to make contact. Today I was so very pleased to hear from Abbie, we have exchanged some very long emails catching up on each other. Abbie is the most caring and genuine persone I have ever known. I have just worked out that she has just turned 40 this month but she has so much worry and stress in her life I wish I could wave a magic wand and make the rest of her life the happy stress free life she so deserves.

Whilst I was catching up with Abbie I discovered that I had accepted another request, this time from a man. I don't remember accepting him. I have found a couple of friends that I don't recall accepting. I only accept people I know or who know my friends. Tonight I was looking at this name it dawned on me that this name was familiar so I checked the profile. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I do indeed know who this man is. We even dated once 18 months ago. I did think this must be a mistake as the last time we had contact was a very strange affair. I am not sure if I explained on here how our brief relationship came to a very abrupt and definite end.

On his profile he has two friends (one of them being me). I wondered if he had realised who I was. I sent him a brief message saying that I was very suprised. He has replied asking if I still live in ******* so it appears that he does know its me. Well I wonder why he has decided to make me his first friend and why now.

It seems that Skipper has joined the list of men I used to know, who are turning up out of the blue. Knight, Forest, Bovril (aka Married Man) and now Skipper.


DJ Kirkby said...

I find facebook ever so slightly make sme feel a bit exposed. I ahve my site locked down tight so only friends have full access and random people can't look at my profile.

Mel said...'s good to be reunited with friends of the supportive type. That's a cool thing.

I stay where I stay because it's comfortable and comforting to me. I guess if that ever changes....I'll get to decide the 'what next'.

Dark Side said...

I am with DJ, I do make the odd comment but the status report thing is very wide open! for me sometimes too much info, good or bad!

Fancy Skipper reappearing too, you are going through strange times..xx

Fat Controller said...

We've found FB invaluable for keeping tabs on our daughter while she's in Brazil! Predictably, she's not terribly conscientious about keeping in touch!

I've left a message on your Facebook, BTW.

Anonymous said...