Thursday, 9 April 2009

Dangerous suprise

On saturday I had a chat with aunty (first time for months) I didn't really have any pressing issues I just fancied a chat. She wanted to talk about the men in my life. I told her Golf and Plumber's names but she asked for the other one. I told her Karma's name and the name I use for him but she only wanted to use his proper name. She went through each one of them telling me how each of them feel about me, how I feel about them, the respect they have for me and vice versa. How romantic each of them are etc. She told me that not one of them is romantic although each of them can do their bit. All three of them like me enormously and have great respect for me. She said that Plumber is the softest one of them but he doesn't blow my mind. She was right in everything she said but I did tell her I was suprised about what she told me about Karma as I believe he has lost interest. She was having none of it, saying he has not lost interest he has just been preoccupied.

To my suprise on Sunday I got a long text from Karma, on Monday there were more text and when I got home from a night out with Plumber there was an email apologising for being busy. There have been more texts since.

This afternoon out of the blue I got a text from a number not stored on my mobile. It was from the man who had inspired me to write this little fantasy. He was telling me that he was in our place. I replied that I was at work, he let me know that he had been passing and was hoping we could catch up with each other.

Tonight I was suprised when I signed onto msn, immediately I was greeted by a friend I have not chatted to for weeks. Nothing unusual about this as we often go weeks or even months between catching up. But tonight was different, very different, tonight verged on dangerous territory. No I got that wrong it didn't verge on dangerous territory it slammed into it. Within minutes we were discussing whether I wanted to see him. I was frantically avoiding answering all his suggestions and propositions. He knows how to make me melt, he knows I find him incredibly sexy. He knows how to play me, he was doing his best to tempt me. I was doing my best to put him off. He didn't want to be put off. He tells me that his blue eyes are still sexy.

He knows I can't resist his charms. I know I can't resist. I have been dreading this conversation for 18 months. I knew eventually we would have this conversation. I knew all along that I would want to go to him, I would want to feel his touch, gaze into those blue eyes. But I also know that it is dangerous for me. I jokingly accused him of being in need of a leg over wrapping it up in prety ribbons. But he assures me that he is not in need of a leg over but he says I am a very sexy and enjoyable lady.

I have managed to avoid agreeing to anything so far but I don't know how I will fare next time we chat. Now that the conversation has happened I know it will again.


Anonymous said...

Yes, very very dangerous surprise(s)!!! *laughs* Happy Easter to you and yours.

Fire Byrd said...

Forest , eh? now that will be difficult to avoid.
btw Happy birthday, can't remember exactly which day it is, but know it's soon.
My excuse for knowing nothing is half a bottle of champagne at lunch time, Alex had the rest!
Pity you can't get in a car and come out for a curry tomorrow with QV and trousers and me.
I will have to get a party orgainised!!

Dark Side said...

I await with baited breathe on this one...xx

Lady in red said...

Andrea I hope you have a good weekend too after everything

Lady in red said...

fire Byrd it will indeed be difficult to avoid

yes my birthday is tomorrow (saturday) it sounds like you have had a good one today....happy belated birthday to you too.

Lady in red said...

DS this one could go either way

Anonymous said...