Monday, 30 March 2009

A Dinner Date

Plumber wanted to see me again. He suggested that we should go out for dinner. I mentioned that I would need to feed my boys first. Plumber insisted that he would provide pizza and chips for them as he was taking their mother out. So on his way home from work he stopped at Asda and had two of the biggest pizzas they have seen made up for them along with two big bags of steak cut chips.

An hour later he was back to pick me up for our third date so this is date 3 with guy one = date 5 in total.

We drove to the converted Mill where I had enjoyed my cup of tea with guy 3 a few days earlier. While Plumber ordered our drinks I found us a table. Soon after he joined me at the table I saw a family group arrive, the mother was someone I knew when I was 18 back in Kent. She looks just the same as she always did, just older. It was a shock to realise that her two children who I last saw as junior school children are now almost grown up. Her daughter was born just a week or so before OJ in the same hospital so she is now 18. We chatted for a minute before my friend joined her family. (I have worked out that it has been about 7 years since I last saw my friends.) Later my friend's husband arrived, although he must now be 50 he doesn't look any different now than the last time I saw him. They were both part of a group of friends I hung around with when in my early adult years. Later when I moved to this part of the country I was amazed to find them already here and even more amazed when he became the head master of my son's junior school.

I really enjoyed the grilled sole followed by profiteroles (I couldn't finish mine though). During our meal Plumber realised that he knew one of the people at the next table and had a conversation with them. I guess that is one of the things about eating out in a local restaurant, you meet people you know. We hadn't finished the bottle of red wine Plumber had bought when we arrived so we took that back with us to his house.

We sat watching tv as we drank our wine, we discussed the news items that we saw. By the time the news was over my glass was empty so we made our way upstairs to bed. In the morning after a few kisses and cuddles we both dressed and he drove me back home ready for work. Its a long time since I used to drive home at 6am.


CheekyDani said...

Hello Lady,

I've been reading your posts about your dates with interest - sounds like things are going particularly well with Mr Plumber Man *wink wink nudge nudge*


Glad someone's there to pick up my slack whilst I'm away ;)


nitebyrd said...

Sounds like a nice date. An extended nice date! LOL

Fire Byrd said...

GO Girl..... sounding good and fun!!

Dark Side said...

Yes we are liking Plumber..xx

Grump said...

He sounds like a real gentleman. Keep him on side.

Anonymous said...

Sounds very promising, Mr Plumber is. *grins*

Trixie said...


I like the fact he bought food for the kids!

Mel said...


<-- clueless

But he's a good fella to feed growing kiddos...LOL AND a brave one.

Anonymous said...