Tuesday, 7 April 2009

These 5 men

Recently Fire Byrd suggested that I should change my blog name to Ms Enigmatic....... I can't think why!!

Perhaps she thinks I don't tell you enough about the who where and when of whats been going on in my social life recently. You have probably gathered that I decided to keep my options open for a while and not date one man exclusively.

Karma is the man I have been in contact with since December (the first new man in my life since Romeo). But I felt that even though we seemed to be getting on incredibly well it wasn't moving along as much as I would like so I backed off and started dating other men. Communcation between us became sporadic and I assumed that he was losing interest. I now think I may have been wrong about that judging by recent emails and texts. Apparently he has been away with family and work is hectic.

Plumber is the first new man I started dating, we have now been out 5 times. He is very sweet and likes me a lot, I am sure he would do anything for me because ' you are worth it'. For my birthday he is taking me shopping in Chichester (something I have never done).

Golf is the third new man, I have only seen him once so far, he doesn't like to plan ahead but prefers to be spontaneous, he knows about Plumber so knows that he runs the risk of me not being available. He is a busy man with his own business, he too has just returned from working away. He brings out the worst in me, I thoroughly enjoy our verbal fencing. We talk about all manner of things share a very similar sense of humour.

Luigi I have not met but I am still considering it. He is very good looking and drives my favourite X type jag. But there is just something odd. I like to swap mobile numbers once I have agreed to meet but he won't swap numbers until after we meet. He tells me that if I am worried, my son can write down his car Registration number when he picks me up on the corner of the road. We should have gone out last Friday but I called it off partly because I was not sure and partly because I was very tired.

Thomas has been on the edge of my life for some 30 months. I adored him from the very beginning. I adored him more after we had met. He is gorgeous with his soft curls, gentle eyes and sweet smile. He is the object of my lust, a lust that we have shared since the start of our friendship. For so long we tried to repeat our early meetings, then we kept each other at bay as our lives got in the way but never losing contact completely. A few weeks ago I told him that I was back on the market. We agreed that we must find a way to meet again. Last week he invited me to join him in his beautiful home surrounded by woodland, a natural garden with a host of daffodils waving in the breeze beside the meandering river. He is very important to me and always will be but I don't know if we will get many more opportunities together. I don't feel it would be in either of our best interests to see much of each other.

These are the 5 men who each have a place in my life right now.


CheekyDani said...

Yes!!! I'm loving living vicariously through you at the moment. I needed the time off for myself for a while but quite honestly my dear, I really enjoy dating - and you're quite right, until one is more interesting and available and gorgeous to you than all the rest, keep all your options as wide wide open as you can! Yay! Loving it! x

Dazza said...

Wow, how do you find time to fit them all in!!

Hope you are well.


MarmiteToasty said...

I to dont know where you find the time :) let alone the energy ....

You will LOVE Chichester.... Im usually there at least once a month....


Mel said...


Anonymous said...

I love following your adventures and I think it was very wise to call off the meeting with Luigi since it didn't feel quite right. I think we should always follow our women's intuition. Take care and have fun and keep us informed. A fan, far away.

Fire Byrd said...

Sounds like your having a lot of fun.
Don't like the sound of the one who won't exchange phone numbers though.

Anonymous said...