Thursday, 30 April 2009

benefits of blogging

As you know I was out socialising with fellow bloggers last saturday evening. Bloggers who hadn't just nipped down the road for a drink. I think most of you now know that it was Fat Controller and his lovely wife (and subject of his HNT pictures as well as his very well written tales of love within a marriage) Heather. Fat controller and Heather live in her native country but visit the UK from time to time. So last week they were over here having a well earned break in the depths of North Wales before visiting his family via a stop over with Trixie.

Before leaving Trixie they were entrusted with a parcel for me. So you see even if they hadn't really wanted to meet me they had no choice. Trixie had decided that they would make a very good substitute as a carrier firm. As I live en route from Trixie to FC's family it made sense. However I hadn't been apraised of this. It wasn't until we were about to part company that I was told they were holding a package for me. This package (ok so it wasn't wrapped but who cares) turned out to be a book that Trixie had promised to send to me 2 months ago. Trixie herself had come by this book as a gift from Fire Byrd who inturn had received it as a gift from Queen Vixen. I am now half way through this book (started reading sunday morning and couldn't put it down until I was forced to). When Fire Byrd sent this book to Trixie it was with the instructions that she should pass it on to another blogger when she had finished it. So now it is in my possession and I have instructions to pass it on to another blogger when I am done with it. Now let me see who should I send it too next? Let me know if you want it.

Isn't it funny the way blogging connects us in so many ways. I was rather amused when FC mentioned (when we were talking about English food he might miss ........... he can get most things) that he and their son have become addicted to this and its all my fault. I had done a post about them ages ago (I can't even begin to remember where on here). My first thought was that they would be disgusting but DC persuaded me to try a bite and I am now hooked. I try to avoid them but sometimes needs must ............I am sure FC agrees. Have you ever read a post about something you had never seen or thought about ...........tried it and become hooked?

If you didn't know what book I was talking about it was this one.


Fat Controller said...

I sneaked a quick peek at that book before we handed it over. It is pretty incendiary stuff! i only hope Heather didn't delve into it too deeply!

Mel said...

UH oh.......

Not about the book..LOL...about the Kit Kat....

*danger danger!!*

k....I'm certain it's 'not allowed'. *whew*
I'm feelin' better about that...LOL

Anonymous said...