Friday, 17 April 2009

Out with Plumber again

Did I mention that when I started seeing these new men I set up a new IM address. A couple of weeks ago I put up a message about my birthday being over Easter. Plumber suggested that he would take me out over the weekend. During the week he told me he would take Friday off from working so that he could take me to Chichester to see the shops and other sights of the city. So my 6th date with Plumber was spent walking around in the rain on Good Friday.

Plumber collected me at 9.15am (no bank holiday lie in for me). We drove off in the rain hoping that the sun would come out eventually. Arriving in the city we began to worry about the lack of shoppers.............perhaps being a Bank Holiday the shops were not open. But by the time we reached the Cathederal the clock was striking 10.00am shopers began to appear from all directions. We wandered around the big department store for a while before heading off for other smaller shops. Plumber treated himself to a new big brolly and I bought my boys some alternative Easter Eggs (football socks & goalie gloves). Next it was M & S which was when I got the giggles. Whilst I was browsing Plumber took a phone call from a customer. I couldn't help giggling at him talking business, pretending to be really busy when he was really wandering around between racks of bras and knickers.

We wandered up and down the streets trying to keep dry but not really seeing much from under his brolly. We stopped for refreshments in a vegetarian cafe. The cakes looked very scrumptous but we managed to resist. Once we were back out in the rain Plumber was very keen to show me something he had discovered recently. We had accidentally timed our arrival at the Cathederal to coincide with the worshipers departure from their service. We saw several people dressed in robes so guessed there had been some acting going on. Walking passed these people we made our way through the cloisters emerging at the rear of the cathederal beside the Bishops Palace. Here he revealed his suprise, the Bishop's Garden.

By this time I was tired of walking in the rain and we made our way back to the car park. We decided to find somewhere for lunch. Soon we were back on the motorway heading west, I was beginning to think we were going home but we drove on past our town until we reached jnct 7 and wound our way along country lanes. We spotted several pairs of pheasants pretending they own the road.

Finally we reached our destination a country pub in Durley. We had a lovely meal in very pleasant surroundings. I am certainly discovering lots of lovely country pubs that I hadn't been to before.

I'm off to a family wedding now, but will post some photos from my day out, once I have returned.