Friday, 6 March 2009


Earlier in the week I was fretting over Kama.

I had let him know that I want to spend some time with him. I am enjoying the friendship we have built up but I don't want a relationship based around our phones and compters, after all I have been there done that got the T-shirt big style. (no I didn't say that).

He hasn't made any comment whatsoever about this but had continued the usual text messages until Monday evening. I decided to back off let him show me just how interested he is, I planned that I would go back to my original tactic of only replying to him when he had contacted me. I refused to initiate contact until he had. All day on Tuesday I waited (ok not all day as I was asleep for much of it) but there was no text nor email. It didn't matter how many times I checked there was nothing!!

By the evening I was fretting, had I pushed him to much, is it too early to put any pressure on him to decide if he wants to see me again!! Ok so we have only met twice but it has been 2 1/2 months since he contacted me. I was the one not sure if I was ready for someone new in my life. As hard as it was going to be I was backing off.

Wednesday I wanted to let him know that we had made the trip to warwick without incident but I managed to resist. I put my phone on silent (not even my normal vibrate mode) while I put my attention into finding out about this highly regarded place of learning that my son favoured above all his other choices. After the second lecture I pulled my phone from my pocket to glance at the time (I have not worn a watch much since about November). There were two text from Kama. The second I could see immediately was a joke. But the first was the one that interested me. I read it quickly with relief, then again later with more time to digest what it said.

Now it was clear why I hadn't heard from him the previous day. His daughter had been feeling very ill with severve stomach pains, he had ended up taking her to hospital in the middle of the night. This morning he text me again to say that his daughter had had an operation last night. She must have been in a very bad way. As a parent I can understand how his concern for his daughter must have taken him over.

When I left work tonight I text him that I was leaving work if he fancied a chat, I expected that he would be driving home from his appointments. He had earlier told me that he had just gone past Swindon. He had been already driven along the A34 less than 24 hours after I had been driving that same way. I had heard on my radio that there was snow along there this morning. But when he rang me (I was already half way home) he had just left home and was going to visit his daughter in hospital, we were in effect driving in opposite directions and would pass each other.

Stupid woman that I am, I kept half an eye on the other carriageway looking out for his car. Stupid because he had just told me that he was still driving the curtesy car he had whilst his car was being repaired following the slight collision another car had with him on the first morning of heavy snow last month. It was as always lovely to chat to him as we drove, making each other giggle just seems to come naturally. We both arrived at our destinations at the same time, having given each other a running progress report of where we were.

For now I am content to let things continue as they are for a while longer. I know that the six nations rugby will soon be over, I also know that in a few weeks his son will be going off to sea for a few months leaving him home alone apart from visits from his daughter. In the meantime I am enjoying his texts and calls. But I am going to try to let hm be the first to make contact each day. Besides the memory on my phone has been getting full and needs to be cleared out.


Trixie said...

Hon...gonna be honest here. If he was going to ask you out again...surely he would by now? I see the same thing happening here that happened with deserve so much more than that. I'm in the middle of reading 'Why men love bitches' that Fire Byrd sent to me..and when I finish it...I'm going to pass it on to you. (This book is going to do the rounds of bloggers like ourselves, so unfucking lucky in love!)

One part hits true in it for you that I read last's says the 10 characteristics that define the bitch (aka dreamgirl to guys). This is the one that you really have to work on.

No 2. She doesn't pursue him. She doesn't chase him or keep tabs on him. He is not the center of the world. seem to know his every move! You are coming across as a bit of a stalker. I know you are not..but that's how it's sounding. Your second meet up wasn't even a knew he was there and pursued him.

Stop it girl. STOP. IT. NOW!

Get on the dating site, and actually go out on dates with other men! Don't hang around hoping this guy will eventually ask you out! He should be chasing you..not the other way round. So more texting him. Let him wonder what you are up to No 3 - be mysterious)

I'm gonna read this book as quickly as poss to send to you.


Lady in red said...

Trixi thanks and I have noted everything you say.

I could go through each point and say ah but .........but I'm not going to. I shall look forward to reading the book.

Fire Byrd said...

Well I was going to say something ...but the words have been taken out of my mouth!!
Except, stop checking your phone, it makes us too needy when we do that,even if the other person doesn't know we're doing it.

somebody said...