Friday, 20 March 2009

Please help Fire Byrd

Since I have been blogging I have made many friends in the blog world, many I will never meet but others I have become friends with in the real world. One of these friends is Fire Byrd. Right now she needs help. So I am asking my friends to help her.

Fire Byrd has been interviewed by Blog Interviewer .com she is in competition against several other bloggers. She needs us to vote for her blog. The blogger who has the most votes at the end of March wins $50. Ok so why would you want to help someone you don't know to win $50?

Fire Byrd doesn't want this money for herself. She wants this money for others. But rather than me telling you about it, I would like you to go here to her blog to find out about the children she wants to help.

But if you are willing to help a good cause but don't want to visit my friend Fire Byrd's blog you could go here to vote for her blog. But be careful because it is very easy to vote no by accident.