Friday, 6 March 2009

When is a joke not a joke

I would like to let my friends know that I appreciate their concern really I do.

But my last post was meant to be a light hearted one following the previous few that had been full of agony and feeling old. Obviously my attempt to be light hearted and make a few tongue in cheek jokes ie about checking my phone have back fired. I promise I wont do it again!

I appreciate that the written word doesn't always allow the reader to see that the writer is not being serious in everything they write but I did think my friends would recognise my sense of humour. I know my sense of humour passes some people by but then I guess I am sometimes deaf to the humour of others.

So I guess that sometimes a joke is not a joke to those who read it.
My motto for a long time has been ...............A day without laughter is a day wasted.


Mel said...

Ah well--at the very least you've got a clear indication of how well loved you are, eh?

People care about your happiness--that's a very, very good thing!

<-- needs to clear out the messages stored on the phone but requires a youngster to do that for her.

k.....I might know how, but it's a good excuse to buy lunch and hug the stuffings outta the kiddo! *laughing*

*hugs to you!*

nitebyrd said...

I like your motto. I try to keep it myself, especially these days.

I'm glad you're doing okay, LIR. :D

Anonymous said...