Wednesday, 25 March 2009

I don't suppose

I was thinking about my third date and what to tell you. But I don't suppose you really want to know about that so I thought I had better tell you about something else instead. But what do you want to hear about?

Do you want to hear about my mum going to see yet another specialist to try to get to the bottom of her problems with walking now that her knee is fixed. Although her knee is now working she still has problems with the foot of that leg, but then she was dragging that foot for years before the knee problems. I personally think it all has something to do with her Multiple Sclerosis. The next specialist is a neurologist.

I don't suppose you want to know about my aging grandmother who aged 90 still lives alone in a village in The Cotswolds and still drives short distances. she has been getting phonecalls from people she doesn't know and she is getting confused because she thinks they want her to sell something but she doesn't know what. My mum has made her promise not to let anyone into the house without getting her neighbour to be with her first. My aunt lives in Berlin, so whilst both my mum and my dad's cousin in London are the two relatives who worry the most about my grandmother I am the nearest next of kin. So between the three of us we are going to try to set up an emergency strategy for my grandmother in the absence of her only living child.

Work was very hectic today, the lemon chewer went home sick leaving me to cope on my own. I quite enjoy that as I relish the challenge even if I did go without a lunch break. I found out today that Paulo and his family are going to be giving up their business in a year's time. That will be such a pity, not only because we will all miss them as people but also it is a very good account and growing. That will all change now but at least I know I will still be in contact with him if I wish.

I don't think I told you that we had some changes in our office and now I am no longer directly responsible for Scotland, but I am now the official office contact for half the Sales Mangers and Agents. I have set myself a huge project so discover which accounts could be made more profitable and getting my Sales Reps to do more work.

Oh and of course there are still three men in my life right now plus one or two who would like to be.


Fire Byrd said...

Lovely sunset.
You are just such a tease.... and to us now as well!

Mel said...

Beautiful sunset....and wondrous doings! Never a dull moment....

nitebyrd said...

I hope things go well for your mother and grandmother. Having aged relatives is like having small children again.

I'm sure you'll do very well at work as you always seem to.

No need for me to yell at you because you've already posted about date 3!

Dark Side said...

Hope you manage to get to the bottom of Mum's knee problem soon and three men! That's just greedy!..xx

Anonymous said...