Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Date one with guy two = date 2

Pete was on his way home from a business meeting in Bristol so we arranged to meet for an early drink before he went home. He text me when he was setting out and again when he arrived at the village square where we were planning to meet. We hadn't decided which of the pubs to go to but agreed to meet in the car park and see which we fancied. I rang him when I was leaving home so that he knew I would be there in under 10 minutes.

When I arrived he met me beside my car which I had managed to accidentally park outside one of the pubs, it seemed that was the obvious choice. He looked very smart in his business suit which he had earlier apologised about. After ordering our drinks at the bar we took a seat on one of the comfy sofas close by.

we chatted easily, there was plenty to chat about not least one of his sons goes to the same college as OJ. Pete is a good looking, intelligent man but there was no spark between us. His work takes him all over the place meaning that meeting regularly would not be easy.

We have agreed that we won't meet again as he feels it would mean I would have a lot of waiting to do between dates. He is not very local to me although he lives within 20 miles from me.

For date number two I wore a loose low cut orange top, my soft brown flared skirt, stockings and my designer shoes that I bought from ebay last summer.


Mel said...

Oh gosh.....you're a busy woman.

Gotta appreciate the upfront agreement and the candor. And you agreed with the fella, I take it?

<-- thinkin' she needs to look at ebay for shoes...LOL

Like I need more?! Omgosh.......NO!

nitebyrd said...

Well, at least it was a pleasant evening out. You sound very happy lately, LIR. It's nice!

Fire Byrd said...

So are you keeping numbers in a little black book?
And real and blog names too!

Dark Side said...

This sounds like so much fun...xx

Anonymous said...