Monday, 23 March 2009

date one with guy one

Trixie asked if I was going to take on dani's role whilst she is away.

Dani (cheekydani to those who don't know) is currently back home in Australia but usually resides in London. For some months now dani has been dating guys partly to find her 'Mr right' but also as a challenge to date 80 guys or was that have 80 dates.

Anyway with my recent spate of dates Trixie wondered if I would be taking on the 80 date challenge. she was doing it herself for a while last year until she ran out of time to date. come on Trixie you can start again now, you can join me on the challenge.

So here goes the first date with guy one

A former Army PT instructor plumber is rather sweet. We had been chatting quite a bit over the weekend before meeting for a drink on the Monday evening. I text to say I was running late but he was ok about it and was waiting for me in the car park. Once inside the pub we sat and chatted quite easily as we drank our red wine followed by soft drinks as we were both driving. (forgive me if I have already told you about this date). Half way through the evening I suggested that he sit beside me instead of staying on the far side of the table. He didn't need telling twice.

For some reason the pub shut really early (before 10.30pm) but we managed to hang on until we were the last to be thrown out. As we made our way out he suggested we continue chatting in his car. By this time the rain had started, we watched the wind in the trees, a young fox as it crept along the side of a hedge until it was close enough to see that it was actually a cat. He had been the perfect gentleman all evening. Until his announcement that he was going to kiss me.

Maybe it was all the pent up passion having gone so long since my last proper kissing session. We kissed each other a few times, before passion over took us and we were soon snogging very enthusiastically. He told me that I am a very good kisser. Before too long the seats were adjusted to give us more room as we kissed and groped each other. (It had been a long time for both of us). His mum kept texting to see when he would be home (he is staying with her for the moment as he is still paying mortgage on his old home).

Eventually I decided it was time to go home (not wearing a watch I had no idea what the time was) when I turned on the engine of my own car it was already 1.20pm.

Plumber is very easy to chat to and kissing is great too. He is very fit and promises or should that be threatens to get me fitter too. Although he has no complaints about me as I am he knows I am not happy with my shape. He is very sweet and texts me often, he also chats online he doesn't call me by my name he calls me 'sweetie', not sure how I feel about that.

In true dani fashion I wore a flared black skirt ith a beaded belt with a deep purple sleeveless top with black beads on the shoulders, a deep v neck with ruffles flowing from the neckline, with black stockings and my black beaded shoes over my top I wore my leather look jacket.


Grump said...

You racy number you. Getting all hot and passionate in the plumbers car after hours. The black stockings were probably a turn on for tap man.
When is your next date?

Lady in red said...

ah you will have to wait and see as there have been more dates since

CheekyDani said...

Oh I'm so glad someone's taken up my slack!! I've been way too busy to date since arriving and have just been enjoying my own space and freedom to do what I want. But I do truly enjoy a good date, so three cheers to the Lady, I'm reading you from afar.

As for Plumber, so far sounding good dear, sounding good... x

Dark Side said...

Wow this sounds very promising, can't wait for the next installment...:)...xx

nitebyrd said...

Plumber sounds like a good one. I hope things progress further. ;)

Anonymous said...