Monday, 28 January 2008

when the sun shines

Having last posted that there is no excitement in my life
I have in fact been unusually active in the last few days.
Saturday saw me taking OJ into town so he could take part in the monthly snooker tournament before rushing back to collect ET then walking to the bank to get his bank account upgraded now that he is 16 so he can use his account much like a current account. I had just got back home with ET when I got the expected text from OJ to collect him. Once I had dropped him off it was time to dash across town to Asda to do my weekly shop. As I knew I had more money in my account than I had had for weeks and I get my first full salary pay on Thursday I went mad and spent more than usual re stocking the cupboards and treated myself to a new skirt and top to wear for work that would also be ok for going out. I did consider walking up the road to the nearest pub for a quiet drink in the evening just to get out but in the end I stayed home and had a glass of white wine and chatted online instead.

Sunday I woke up with a headache took some pain killers and went back to sleep. When I woke up JA was cuddled up with me wrapped in his duvet like a big blue slug.
I did intend to make a long overdue trip to the local household waste tip then go to the gym as I now want to make it a regular Sunday session at the gym while its quiet. JA helped me to load up my car and came with me. when I got back he ran back inside to his computer games while I re loaded my car for another trip to the tip. I decided to forgo the gym for the day. The sun was shining and it was such a nice day. Then I walked up to the local parade of shops to unload a bag full of bottles (mostly non alcoholic wine) noisily into the bottle bank. I had got the spring cleaning bug by then so cleaned out a couple of kitchen cupboards before preparing a chicken and veg casserole for my tribe. while that was cooking I even got out my Computer course work and began some studying which I had neglected for a few months. It must be right to do it now as it made much more sense than the last time I tried to read it.


Another long day at work. I managed to spend most of my half hour lunch break sat in my car on the phone organising my car MOT in a few weeks (I usually end up leaving it until the last minute then panic that I can't get it booked in before it expires), my boiler is also now for booked a service on the same day I need to book the day off work. But I also managed to organise myself a loan to pay off my debts with a bit to spare so I can then start with a fairly clean slate with my debts wiped out. I wasn't sure if I would be able to do this as I have a bad credit rate and no security. But I was pleasantly suprised at the repayments.
I also went to the gym on my way home. It was very busy today, so I did a turn on the treadmill upstairs then managed to get on one of the rowing machines in the main gym (timed that right they were very soon all in use). weighed myself after my session as monday is weighing in day for those of us on the diet. Slowly but surely it is decreasing about 1/2 lb this week not much but at least it was a loss.
When I got home I could smell chips, it seems that OJ had decided to cook dinner for all the boys including DC who was home from work before me. So I just made myself a curry with the chicken left over from yesterday's casserole, adding lots of veg and some chopped potato to make it go further.

maybe I shall take things a little easier tomorrow

Saturday, 26 January 2008


I ahve been meaning to post something new on here.

as I go about my day little things pop into my head .....oh yes I could do a post about that. But by the time I am in front of my computer it has gone

I go to work

I come home

I cook

I clean (well maybe not as much as I should)

I chat online if I am not too tired

that is about all there is going on in my life right now

the most excitement I have had since getting a new tyre for my car was on wednesday morning

I woke up around 5am

went to the bathroom then hopped back into bed

afterall I think 5.40am is early enough to be getting up

OJ asked me why I hadn't gone to work

OMG its only freaking 7.30am and I have overslept.

I have never been up, dressedand out of the house so fast before

quick text to PB

OMG overslept on way now

because I was late leaving home I got stuck in the traffic took me 30 bloody minutes to travel 2 roads to get out of the town then as there are now long term road works on the motorway I took the country route (what a mistake ...........took wrong turning and got lost in my haste)

PB text me back

have told Wayne you are stuck in traffic

isnt it good to be friends with theright people :-) (my boss was out of the office forthe morning)

so I finally get to work about 40 minutes late which was better than I thought it would be.

ha ha what an exciting life I lead now

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

shattered Illusions

shattered completely shattered!!

recently I have got into a habit

I have been getting a little defiant, bolshy, arrogant with one theme running through everything, not so much on here but with my friends in real life.

the theme being ..................


with perhaps the exception of kissing and cuddling

but now though I have to concede I was wrong ..........I am soooo not happy about this

I guess I should get to the point......not ramble too much

On sunday after I had been to the gym to work off all that alcohol, I noticed that my back tyre was flatter than it ought to be. carefully I drove to the garage near to my home. Having obtained the required vouchers (stupid have to go into the garage and ask for a voucher then punch the code into the machine ) I was all set to pump up my tyre. But to my shock and horror instead of pumping air in it was letting more air out!!!!

So I very gingerly drove to the next closest garage a short distance out of town. After queuing behind 3 other cars I finally managed to get air into my tyre. Feeling much happier now I drove home thinking no more about it as I seem to have a slow punctue that needs to be re-inflated about every 6 weeks/2 months.

On monday afternoon as I was leaving work I decided to walk around to look at the tyre to make sure it hadn't gone down but it had. I carefully made my way to the nearest garage about 5 minutes away. parking next to the air machine, crouching beside the car trying not to let my skirt drag in the puddles or get any muck from the airline on my clothes try as I might I couldn't get any air into the tyre.

Ok so what to do now?..........I know why not phone DC? (stupid woman I know hes working a late shift). Ok so who do I know who would be willing to come out to this town to help me? especially in the rush hour! I don't know anyone in this town who I could call on. the only possibility is coach as he lives not too far away and might even be home from work if not he would be on his way. But there is no way I am going to call on him for help. Its now 4.55pm if I'm quick I might get some help. I phone the office and speak to PB after a discussion about trying to get the number of my insurance company to get help that way she puts me through to Bob. He agrees to help me. I don't tell him at this stage that I do know how to change a wheel, I just don't want to ruin my precious nails.

while I am waiting for Bob another car arrives and I apologise to the driver for being in the way but hes ok he can manage without me moving my car out of the way. He has heard me on the phone and offers to help. I tell him that help is hopefully on the way. when Bob arrives he sees me chatting to this man and the cheeky sod thinks I've been hitching my skirt up to get help. Anyway by his time I have released the spare tyre from its hiding place. I suddenly realise that I have had my car since the end of june and never looked to see what equipment it has. I find the jack, a duster and a piece of orange rope stashed away behind a cover at the side of the boot. but there is no sign of a wrench. Bob recons the orange rope is part of my kit for my sexual adventures............he is such a cheeky git!

Bob gets on his knees (not sure if he was praying) but can't see where the jack should go. Other man suggests he does that as hes a builder and it doesn't matter if his clothes get dirty. Builder (I would call him Bob but one bob is more than enough)ah I know from now he is called 'Ford'. We can't find a wrench in my car, the one Bob has doesn't fit and neither does the one Ford has. I phone PB again, she says she will send Gary who is on his way out he does cars etc. In the meantime Ford says he will go and get one, he will be back in 5 minutes.

True to his word Ford is back with a spider wrench and has set to work before Gary arrives. so now I have 3 men ready and willing to rescue this damsel in distress. Bob tells Gary that he isn't needed and between them Bob and Ford get my wheel changed. Both of them instruct me to get the wheel changed ASAP as it is only a temporary measure although some people drive around on them for ages.

So this I morning went and got my tyre changed. As I was putting the spare back in I found that there is a wrench in my car but it was just not possible to find it in the dark...........oh well I shall now in future......maybe next week I shall be brave and open the bonnet!!

so this damsel is no longer in distress but I ahve learnt that sometimes ...........


Sunday, 20 January 2008

How could he ?

After my little accident when I was getting ready for the office party (I managed to ping a nail across the room when I was fiddling with the clasp of my necklace) I glued it back into place and set off down the path to Posh Bird's house (all of 30 yards if that). her boyfriend Liam had kindly agreed to drive us to the city anf pick us up afterwards. mile down the road and PB is swearing her head off as she had forgotten the list of who was having what. finally having collected this valuable piece of paper we drive to the city to pick up my boss. good thing Boss was with us as none of us knew the way from that part of the city to where we were going.

I was in a confident and cheeky mood, even being cheeky to Liam who I had only met very briefly over the xmas break. (Even a few months ago I would have been too shy). Right moving on we have parked the car in the underground car park and gone up to the ground level, Liam was pointed in the direction of the cinema while the three of us women strode off to find the restaurant. I think nearly everyone else was already there apart from Broom Lady and her husband Broom Man. Once we have all had a couple of drinks (I was on rum and coke as I was avoiding the white wine this time). The MD wanted to know why so WM (warehouse manager) took great delight in telling the story of my disgrace at Boss's 50th. He had been DJ that night and witnessed my fall from decorum as he packed his equipment away. Bearing in mind that I have worked for the company about 7 months now but only ever exchanged good mornings and not much more with MD in all this time. We all trooped upstairs to the room reserved for our party.

There were two long tables for our party of 24. It was agreed that the office staff must not all sit together on one table and the warehouse staff on the other. so I decided to be the first to choose a seat at the second table. Boss and PB were already seated on table one. I chose a chair halfway down the table with my back to the wall so that I could see and hear what was going on. I found myself sat with Flirt (she works in the warehouse) on my right and MD on my left. With Bob, Polly and WM opposite us. I already knew a lot of the names and faces of the warehouse staff but not who was who. I now know that Polly is married to WM. (perhaps I should behave myself when I am in his office now).

Now I don't believe in mixing work with pleasure as far as relationships go. But if I was to fancy anyone at work there are only two possible candidates. firstly MD (tall slim, fit and good looking and knows it) doesn't look 50. secondly I wouldn't really say that I fancy him but the next possibility would be Max. He works in the warehouse in charge of the packing line. He is also slim and dark haired I have no idea of his age but I suspect hes in his 30s. He always makes a point of saying hello whenever I see him. Boss told me earlier in the week that when I am in the warehouse for a couple of hours in feb to learn the products I shall be paired up with Max. (He was not there last night).

So there I was sat next to MD on one side and Flirt the otherside who was telling me about her infatuation with Max. (who has made it clear to her it isn't going to happen but she says he is her bit of eye candy lmao). As I said earlier I was avoiding the white wine but Flirt and I got through a bottle of red with the meal. I forget how the subject came up but half way through the meal after chatting with MD he suddenly decided it would be funny to pair me off with Reg (sat on Flirt's right). Ok so I saw the joke and thought it was funny but there is just no way!!!!!!!!!!! Reg is probably in his late fifties and I am sure he is a nice bloke but Puleeeesssee no thank you. I like a man who is funny and intelligent, this man is neither. As MD said Reg would probably have a heart attack if I went near him. I didn't say that I could eat him for breakfast spit him out and ask for the next one. I know appearances can be deceiving but really!!

I passed PB on the stairs when I was returning from the ladies powder room and mentioned MD's suggestion. Next thing I know shes told MD off and told Boss about it all. Of course I think the whole thing is soo funny but I feel sorry for Reg as he doesn't know that he has been made the butt of this joke. Oh and I had another accident. Rob who is a new lad in the warehouse was sat right in the corner on my side of our table. He had to leave the table but as I tried to move my chair forward for him I ripped 3 of my nails off. two on my left hand and my right thumb. so now I had 7 bright red tallons and 3 short bare nails. I managed to retrieve the nails and stow them away in my purse.

Anyway we were supposed to go on to a club after but nothing was set in stone. there were some suggestions of going to the casino but in the end we just returned to the bar (where some of us stayed until we got chucked out at about 1.30am). Luckily Reg made a quick get away. the bar were having problems with the machine that dispenses the carbonated drinks. I didn't want rum and orange so switched to vodka and orange. Not sure how many I had. PB was very drunk and in a very huggy mood. she was hugging all the men and I mean all of them and not just a couple of times. I think if MD didn't realise that PB was the best appointment he had ever made then he does now as she was telling him repeatedly. why do I call my friend Posh bird (she was swearing like a trooper all night). Apparently when she first joined the company almost 2 years ago they thought she was very posh. She is always dressed immaculately in a suit and heels she is very 'proper' in everything she does. However within a week she had let slip a few swear words. I find it so funny as I have known her for nearly 11 years and until I went to work in the same office I had never heard her swear. (probably because she would never swear in front of the kids). apparently I swore for the first time the other day. Wayne said it was the first time he had heard me swear. I was suprised as I do swear but I guess I don't often feel the need to. I can express myself quite adequately without.

Whilst PB was doing her hugging bit she was encouraging me to do the same but I didn't need to copy her behaviour. It was just so hilarious watching her. Mr and Mrs Broom left fairly early perhaps Mrs B was not impressed when PB hugged Mr B. flirt had on her coat so I thought she was leaving early too but no she had the open half full bottle of red wine that had been left on our table tucked in the inside pocket of her coat. come to think of it I don't remember her leaving.It did get a bit complicated as people were all going home with the wrong people. We were supposed to have both Boss and Harry (Director and MD's side kick, they had arrived together) having a lift with us in Liam's car. slim girl and MTBA were going home together as they had arrived (one hubby dropping off and the other picking them up). Somehow Boss left with MTBA, leaving slim girl behind. She then left with Harry..........heaven only knows how they went home. So MD came back with me and PB. Oh did I tell you that I had already had a feel of his abs, oh and a hug too as I was instructed to smell him as he wears lovely aftershave. (I don't remember what it was called but mmmmmm). So now I know where MD lives as we dropped him off before heading home. Ouch I just remembered that when I had rejected the idea of Reg, MD had suggested Bob, which was when I had mentioned that Wayne thinks I have educated him. Bob is ok to wok with but not only is he 10yrs younger than me but he just doesn't do it for me and I doubt that I do for him. I got a hug from WM too and he told me over dinner that he has decided when I have my sessions in the warehouse it will be with him not Max.

All in all it was a good night and I got to know more of the staff that I hadn't talked to before. I didn't feel shy at all during the evening even with MD. I drank far more than I have done for a long time and if I am really truthful I could feel the drink going to my head after about 3 drinks but I managed not to disgrace myself and had a good time.

Whilst we were all enjoying ourselves Liam was at the Cinema but was due to join his boss on his boat that was moored up nearby, later in the evening. MD said he would like to meet Liam and his Boss so PB decided that the three of us should join the two men on the yacht. But unfortunately Peter had not yet returned from the London boat show. so we went home instead. I think it was a little after 2am when I got home.

I woke up at 6.30am feeling fine but needing the bathroom. But by th time I returned to bed I had a headache. I then got up again around 9am with slight niggly headache and took myself off to the garage to get a paper and some fresh air. Whilst I ahve been writing this I began to feel sick which worried me but it passed and now I feel maybe I can hold my drink a bit better now, having ha a skinfull about 6 or 7 times in the last year. Wow I really know how to live life on the edge don't I ROFLMAO.

Oh on the way home I asked Liam if he has any decent friends as I only seem to meet ********

he says he does but they are all married but when one becomes free he will let me know........awww isn't he sweet.
I didn't wear my red heels in the end. I wore a clingy red low cut top with avery soft brown knee length skirt and chocolate fishnets with my brown heels.

Saturday, 19 January 2008


I was such a bad girl on thursday

I was feeling a bit down with my cold, I was feeling pissed off with men. Forest began chatting to me online and I decided to ask him something which I really shouldn't have asked or at least I shouldn't have asked him. It was very unfair of me to put him in this situation but he was cool about it.
I said to him that although he had told me I don't have mug written across my forehead when we had our big row months ago, men seem to think I can be treated like trash why.
he was very good talking to me about it. I won't copy the conversation. He feels that I give off a sense of being someone who loves sex even when I am avoiding the subject.

Bye the way I'm chatting to Hector and he recommends that when a woman is giving a bj have some toothpaste in your mouth. I was just trying to figure out how we got to that subject, but niw I remember that I was saying my battery has run out (meaning my phone) he thought I meant my rabbit. then I mentioned that I prefer my toothbrush as recommended by the lovely cake.

On sat night I shall be going out partying with the folks from work. We are having our christmas 'Do'. first we are going out for a meal then on to a club. I wont be driving for a change so I can have a few drinks.
going to be giving my red high heeled shoes an airing. have bought a new soft brown skirt and a red top for the occasion. also bought myself a set of false nails. I have never ever ever used them before.

Thursday, 17 January 2008

let there be drums

Yesterday my son turned 16

In some ways I have been looking forward to this day for weeks now.

Not just because my boy is growing up but because of this...........

anyone who knows me will know that for the last year I have been complaining about this drum kit not only is it noisy but it takes up a lot of room. I could never easily get to my tumble drier.

But on tuesday evening my two older boys dismantled this drum kit which now looks like this.

I am much happier with a drum kit that looks like this and is silent. Now ET is still having drum lessons at school and needs to practice. He can't play ths drum kit any more. When he came down stairs on his birthday I had turned all the lights off and was standing in the dark. I expected him to walk into the room and turn the light on but he walked in muttered

its all dark!!

and walked back out again, turned on the hall light before coming back in. so I turned the light on and he was delighted when he saw his new drum kit.

this picture is a bit dark and I was in a rush to get to work when I took it.........but this is ET's new toy. It is a digital drum kit that he can play in the same way as the old one but it plugs into the computer so he can listen to it through headphones and we have relative peace. But it also only takes up a quarter of the space the old one took up.
the software he has with this lets him do all sorts of other fancy things with it too. so he is very happy to have his new kit that he can practice on more regularly and I am happy as I ahve less noise and more space

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr MEN !!!!!!!!

Sunday, 13 January 2008



update on my impromptu drink

I had told myself on the way there that I was not to worry that he might not like me. He might think I am not good enough. He has come across as quite a nice guy even if he does earn more money that anyone I know. I promised myself I would just be me, no false pretense, no act just be myself. Well its hard for me not to be myself anyway. If he didn't think I was good enough for him then that's his loss.

of course I arrived late................ to find that he had text me to see if I had already arrived 10 minutes earlier

we made our way inside and found the bar got our drinks and found a quiet table by the wall.
we sat fairly close chatting .............OK so I did most of the talking. We seemed to be getting on really well. By the time we had nearly finished our drinks he went to find the toilets. This is when I noticed all the men sat facing our table looking straight ahead of them. One was gazing directly at me but the others were looking above my head. Why?
We had chosen a table directly under the wide screen TV and the football was on showing the local team in action.

I was a little uncomfortable with all these men gazing in our direction even if they were looking above us rather than at us. So he invited me back to his house for a cup of tea. We left my car there as we travelled together in his car. No sooner were we inside his house and he was kissing me. He has a very nice house, much tidier than mine. He makes a very nice cup of tea even if he had a touch of forgetfullness and had to ask about 6 times if I take sugar.

Apparently I am a very nice kisser and a lovely lady. We didn't stay too long as he had to get me back to my car before he picked up his children as he was giving them their tea today which he does every other Sunday. He still wants to meet up in the week as we had previously agreed.

I like this space

fancy a drink ?


I was just lying in be trying to sleep off the sinus headache from the cold I developed on friday.

I got a text from Coach thanking me for my email yesterday and saying he was just off to the gym.

2 minutes later another text

fancy a lunchtime drink?

a minute later hes calling

Now I have an hour to find something reasonable to wear for a sunday lunchtime drink in a posh hotel bar. I still have to shower and put my face on.

I am not going to panic I can do this ;-)

I just hope I dont spend the whole time blowing my nose like I was yesterday.

Saturday, 12 January 2008

contentedly smiling

Ok so I can't help it

every night I tell myself will be an early night, every night ends up being a late night. Every day now I hav to get up at 5.40am to get ready for work..........this would be hard enough but when I don't got to bed until between midnight and 1am sometimes even later it has to catch up with me eventually. On wednesday I went to the gym again. I hadn't been since I twisted my ankle which was at the end of November. I only did a short stint at the gym but it really tired me out. My legs were like jelly as I drove home afterwards. I was tired when I go home but I soldiered on. Around 10pm I went onlineand found myself exchanging messages on facebook with a very sexy guy.

One of my friends had invited me to join a thing where people ask to see a naked picture of you. there are 3 responses, 1) yes 2) ye if you show me yours first 3) no way. tonight when I looked there are 140+ requests to see me naked. I have posted a picture but it isn't a naked one. It is suggestive. I have had a couple of messages calling me a cheat (all in good fun) but I ahv also had some compliments including this one......

what a photo!?and from a local girl too!!

we then began a long exchange although I have not told him just how local I profile gives the city not the town where we both live. This man is very hot and I really mean 'hot' yet he wanted to chat to me. He was interested in my writing and offered to help with research!! at the end of the chat I sent him this to read and his response was this ............

hmmmmmm...I am liking that!its a bit of a tease because the neanderthal in me is saying come about tits and pussy....but the arty side of me is saying make the imagination work!! top marks...I like!!!

he also said this

yes...but that tingle is made more powerful when its ceases abruptly!Well are the real deal!

praise indeed from someone who knows nothing about me and has read only one piece of my writing.

Other news is that I am really enjoying my job (even the challenge of getting to work on time every morning). I am enjoying interacting with our customers. I am enjoying the challenge of trying to learn thousands of products and their codes and quantities. I knew I could do this job but the hardest thing so far has been to keep track of what I am doing when the phone is constant and I end up chasing my tail but I am getting there. The other morning my boss was chatting to me about the work before Wayne arrived. she told me that although Wayne has been there 16 years and has an incredible product knowledge he has no get up and go. She feels that it will only be a few months before I am doing the job better than him. by that time she is hoping to have worked out a way of setting up a commision system for the sales Office staff as well as the reps on the road.

As I mentioned earlier in the week I have been chatting to Thomas quite a lot this week, he is hoping to see me in the next couple of weeks. I really don't know if this will happen. Tonight I ahve been chatting to Lotto who sometimes apparently works very near to the town where I work. He sometimes stays overnight in a hotel there. he has asked to meet me for a drink either next week or the week after.

I also mentioned Coach a few days ago. I have been exchanging emails and text with coach every day for the past week. we have spoken on the phone and agreed on a date one evening next week. He is divorced with two teenage children who he has on a friday night. I have been playing it cool and only sending a text or email as a reply to his. There have been times when he has contacted me several times before I reply. for someone who professes to be a two finger typist he manages to send fairly long emails at least once every day(even during his busy working day). It will be interesting to see how things go once we meet. He has told me he will phone me over the weekend if I don't mind, so that we can make arrangement s for our date.

yet again time has runa way from me and I need to sleep

but before I do I want to say how glad I am tht Pixie has the all clear and can breath easy again.......and pixie your other news is brilliant too :-)

Friday, 11 January 2008

its good

This week is continuing to be good

I had intended to write about whats going on but I ahve been so tired tonight that it is now too late so I shall have to fill you in tomorrow.

In the meantime just know that life is good even if it is tiring

Pixie I am thinking about you and keeping my fingers crossed

Vi I am glad things are going well for you the same for Emma

Cat I hope things improve for you soon

Innocent I am glad you have cheered up

everyone else I just hope life is treating you well right now and I shall get round to commenting on your blogs again soon if I havent already.

love to you all

oh and Pete hope you start feeling better soon xx

Monday, 7 January 2008

a good start to the week

I am feeling great today

First off I had no trouble getting out of bed at 5.40am even though I had been chatting to DC until 1.20am after he came in from his latest gig. He sat on my bed telling me some of the adventures they had when they were on tour in Nov. I can't believe we have not had much chance for a proper chat in that time. But he chose the early hours of this morning!!

Had all the boys up and dressed ready for school/college/work by 6.40am so that I could go to work at 7am satisfied that they were all prepared for their day. They will get used to my new routine.....If I have to then so do they!

Whilst I was eating my weetabix I checked my emails and replied to a few I hadn't got around to over the last few days. Crazy or what? I had all weekend but neglected my friends but today I had 20 mins and wrote several emails. One of which was to my Knight in Tarnished Armour aka Thomas. I had sent him a best wishes email over New Year along with my other friends. He replied last week apologising for neglecting me.

As I was drying my hair Thomas came online and began chatting, we only had about 5 mins so it was a very brief chat. He noticed my new photograph on my chat window and complimented has been a long time since we last met. this new photo shows my new stylish haircut that I treated myself to once I knew I had the new job. each time I met Thomas I was sporting my old style with the scrunch dried curls so this new image was quite different. During our chat he also told me that he would need to come to the city soon would I be able to meet him. I said I didn't know.

To my astonishment I received a further email from him this afternoon saying he had been pleased to have a brief chat this morning. However he was saddened to think that when I said I didn't know about meeting him, he has lost me through his neglect. he thinks that I have found someone else to bestow my affections and therefore don't need him anymore.

Firstly I never was his. I do lust him as he lusts me and it has all be a bit of fun, but I was amazed to read his email. Although we have had a sporadic communication over the past year the last time we met was in January 2007. I am not going to read too much into this just enjoying the flattery.

My new job is proving to be to my liking. I had a chat with my boss this morning before the lads arrived. She feels that I will have no problem and in a few months once I know what is what I shall be flying. She is aware that I have got Wayne's measure and will keep him in check. It is good to know that she feels she made the right choice in giving me the job.

I have not been following my diet or been to the gym in recent and illness have been in the way. But as of today I am back on the diet and tomorrow back to the gym.

I have been in contact with a few new men, mostly just for chat, but there is one new man who I shall call Coach who seems promising.

All in all I am feeling good, if only I had not fallen off the diet, but we can't have everything.

Sunday, 6 January 2008

no new news

I keep thinking I should be blogging
but what is there to say
I have been going to work, coming home and apart from feeding the tribe and chatting online I have not been doing much else.
The job is going well so far
It is easier than I thought it would be
I knew I would be able to do this job but I thought it would be harder to get the hang of it.
It is good that the year always gets off to a slow start a this has helped me to get into the swing of my new role.
The hardest part is getting up earlier in the mornings
I am used to leaving the hose at 9am now I am leaving at about 7.10am and not getting home until about 5.20pm

we are having our works christmas outing on 19th Jan so I have started thinking about what to wear and have looke don ebay for something new and cheap
The plan is for meal in a chinese or thai restaurant then those who want to can go on to a club

I have had some trouble getting JA to o to school this week while I am not here to make him go. We had a touch of the sulks when I cut his hair shorter than he wanted it but still longer than I want it cut it. then he couldn't find his tie. He set off for school bu came back. Luckily the two older boys were here and managed to round him up and DC drove him back to school apparently giving him a man to man talk on the way pointing out that I could be taken to court and even go to jail if he doesn't go. He has been much better since and says that school is fine. I think he had got himself into a cycle of worrying about going to school, the worry was making him feel sick which made him worry more that he would be sick at school again.

I just hope he is ok from now on as it doesnt help being stuck at work worrying whether he has gone or not.

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

what a difference a year makes

New Year 2006 saw me starting my adventures.

I had been exchanging text messages with a very sexy guy in Glasgow, SF was still living in the house. He had been out all night and not long been home when I got a text from the sexy guy (Jim). I sent a sexy reply but accidentally sent it to 'HIM' instead of JIM. next thing I know SF comes crashing into my room abusing me.

New year 2007 saw me at home longing for a married man I hardly knew (GB). 3am my phone bleeps with a message from him but I couldn't read it as my phone chose that moment to go wrong. I had 3 text messages superimposed over each other. I turned it off, but when I turned it on again the screen wouldn't work. I have spent the last year trying to find a replacement.

This year saw me at home yet again. I purposefully didn't try to phone or text anyone knowing that the network would be busy. so imagine my suprise when my phone buzzed at 1.20am not only was it a text, but one from a man who thought I should know he was pissed and needed help. This I would have been only to glad to administer to my very favourite number one man if he had been in this country. We exchanged a few more saucy text last night and again today. I text him to let him know he had been he first man to make me cum in 2008.
This year seems to be getting off to a good start in less than 24 hours two sexy men have managed to arouse me ;-)

I wonder what next New Year will be like.